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Monday, March 14, 2011

Zen Savauge - Inconnu

Inconnu, which stands for "unknown" in french, is conceptually based around the idea of finding and exploiting the unknown beauty in the chaos of nature. One major interpretive theme is that of the microscopic, macroscopic, and melancholic world in which we are connected to holistically. That idea was expressed through the use of random molecule-esque sounds bits layered underneath turbulent, looming dubbed-out melodies flowing about a motion of beat (which in my mind reflects the animation of life). The overall emotion of the tracks as a whole is that of a stark, beautiful, melancholy which is how i subjectively view the state of world.
These ideas and concepts as well as most all the track titles were derived from my reading the book "Chaos" written by author James Gleick.
Zen Savauge

Please visit www.subsource.de/sub/048/ for more informations and impressions.


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