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Friday, December 31, 2010

Exsanguinate - Punishing the Dead video

Alrucini-L´ Amour Chasseur

The death of Alrucini.

The first ten tracks were selected from the first ten albums recorded in the year of 2005:
Master Oficium ; Neophyte ; Dominus Liminis ; Ipsissimus ; Magus ; Magister Templi ; Adepto Exemptus ; Dumuzi ; Vide Supra ; Zelator ; All of them partly released on this netlabel and witnesses of the new born pseudonym (Albedo Rubedo Citrinitas Nigredo) that originated the anagram for ALRUCINI.

In that same year "Apocalipse Político" was recorded as a compilation of various artists, not more than seven, time aligned, pseudonyms (2000-2005):
Menstruo Artis ; Ego Cogito ; Umbra ; Necrobisis ; Umbriosie ; Keben ; Apotome ;
Alrucini was the eigth and not the last.

Those were the times of uncontrolled electronic experiments and Alrucini closed his eyes and fall asleep, dreaming freely, to open space for time to develop new directions:
El Teban ; Ombilic ; Bad Slap Org ; Shamahan ; from December of 2005 untill May of 2007, respecting the rhythm of Nature, four pseudonyms revealed the path for the partly awaked Alrucini.

Since then seven albums were recorded:
Low Intensity Operations ; Ak´ot ; AS U.F.O. AT CITIES MEANT RED ; Time Displacement ; Fauda ; Time is a Field ; Beyond Time ; and several cooperations with other musiscians took place:
Digital Sculptured Sounds (Alrucini and Caos); Tontura Rural (PREGUIZZA + ALRUCINI + ENGENHO) ; Alquimia Dub (JahRucini & JahMinson) ; Terra Oca (Caos , Alrucini , Sigil ) ; FP-25co ; The third side of life (Alexander Kibanov / HZ / Alrucini); VII (Alexandro Kibanovsky / Susanne MaCu / Ricardo Alrucini) ; The Divine Huntress (Ricardo Alrucini & Anastasia Vronski)

Now that the dreamer has awaken and there is no space with eyes closed for the seed of all things, the invisible fire, the axis of sensibility, the mirror of Nature as a symbol of art will be the guide for openning the ways of illumination.

Shall the sacrifice begin with the "Oleum Dulce" emanations, the necromancy, the law of love before "Tumulus Meretricis" enter in the Temple of the antichrist, moving forward to "Homilia Origins" where philosophus become strong in war and with the eyes of the night the worshippers on "Embryotectoy" become kings of the Earth when the first part of the process is complete, evolution claims "Diatessaron Delictorum" to open the ways of the Khu for the novus homo, rich fresh blood, that transpires from "Son of Apionem" looking for silver and gold where the "Agent Instinct" only finds antichristos, fallen angels of God and the knowledge of death, seeking for immortality untill "Rhapsodia de Domina Nostra", that means vigour of your arms, is connected with "The Silent Sky" wich means a sword in my hand to achieve the unconscious "Utu Igimuku", a causeless cause of a night-blue sky of strange drugs or the gloomy ways of Zarathustra.
The last track, that which remains the only one recorded using electric instruments and less electronics, is the limitless light, the holy guardian angel: "L´ Amour Chasseur" with its serpent power is calling for the miracle of miracles, ascencion and fall.

A time for the gathering of those in the foundation of the Temple.


Terra Oca-Fail Again!

Concerto integrado no evento:
Homenagem a Mircea Eliade (13 de Março 2010) - Terra Oca, Plateau Omega e Wolfskin
realizado na Fábrica do Som, Porto, Portugal.


Idle Sunder - Aether I

n Aether I, the Idle Sunder group sets out to disassemble the physical reality that we all reside in. They meticulously melt together the raw sonic textures of energetic information that determines our universe with a mystical sense of humanity, as to translate to us petty humans the holistic greatness of existence.
The album also contains the first Entity micro-release "Folding Light" (albeit in slightly different form), which perfectly fits into their universal picture.
As the title suggests, Aether II is already under construction, and will attempt to further deepen the concept of visual information/energy streams.


Dotkraz vs Idle Sunder vs Casual Coincidence - Rust

Casual Coincidence -> http://pnu.widerstand.org
Dotkràz -> m_ -> http://www.con-v.org
-> ps -> http://enoughrecords.scene.org and http://tpolm.org/~ps
Idle Sunder -> http://www.entity.be/idlesunder

"Rust" uses mystified drones, scattered field recordings and some more synthetic methods to travel a fine line in between drama and resolution. The result targets your innermost feelings and generally sets out to invoke an enfolding path of personal liberation.
Many thanks to all Dotkràz, Idle Sunder and Casual Coincidence members for delivering the goods.


9E Phalanx - Silhouette

The xE Phalanx collective mind project strikes again. This time around, the combined forces of 9 iridescent minds have conceived 40 minutes of unique melodic, emotionally charged textures, cunningly derived from a vast range of self-recorded instruments. As usual, the parts flow seamlessly into eachother, co-creating a fascinating electro-acoustic experience through an awe-inspiring spectrum of curious emotions.


00:00 Tirriddiliu (Italy) http://tirriddiliu.net
01:36 Erratic (Belgium) http://www.entity.be/undacova
06:44 Tomoroh Hidari (Austria) http://www.tomoroh.com
10:56 fp (France) http://fabrice.planquette.neuf.fr
15:25 Eliín (Iceland) -no homepage-
19:54 Infra Red Army (Ukraine) -no homepage-
25:04 Chango Feo (USA) http://www.changofeo.net
31:30 Heath Yonaites (USA) http://www.yonaites.com
37:44 C-driík (Belgium) http://www.syrphe.com
40:05 -end-

Infinite thanks go out to all artists involved, and that includes Geoff Lillemon of Oculart (http://oculart.com) fame (who is responsible for the perfect "Silhouette" coverart), i hope you all enjoy the final result!



nata - stormy weather

recorded while watching a particularly vicious storm lash the coastline, literally destroying everything in its wake, then slowly going out to sea. this is how it felt to be there, the air thick with electricity and a sinister atmosphere of profound unease...


nata < hexakai dekagon - transition

SIDE ONE (tracks 1-4)

nata - the final sunset
last recordings done at the apartment after everything had been moved out & cleaned.
i sat down exhausted at 3am (i hadn't slept in almost three days) in my empty living room and recorded until sunrise then packed up my gear & left...

SIDE TWO (track 5)

hexakai dekagon - geometric stoned formations

first recordings from the new incarnation
fun with sinewaves, loops & freeform computer blast


josef nadek - [zak]

Cover Photography by Maria Joerstad

Portrait by Oskar Ostnes

Josef Nadek is designed as an impious spiritual cesspit,dedicated to remorselessly explore and document various degrees of human degeneration,
eradicate necrotic tissue and reflect each putrid core.

Note that Josef Nadek is an utterly artificial character.

Nevertheless no vile piece of filth about the wretch in charge behind the visible scene is of any significance.

Josef Nadek tells his own twisted tale.

[zak] was inspired by the novel \"World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War\" by Max Brooks


beard closet - coasting ghosts

the spectral sound of the harsh Canadian north.


beard closet - amputated orchestra

after the awesome single COASTING GHOSTS comes the full length debut on TVK by the mysterious composer from the north of canada known only as beard closet.
icy drones and haunting spectral landscapes...


nata-The Phantom Forest (directors cut)

A reissue of a now out of print ultra limited CDR - excerpts of which were previously available as a 2 track ep for free download on this label now deleted to make way for this deluxe edition: the full release in the sequence in which it was originally intended to be heard (with original track titles) and including two bonus tracks from the same sessions (a compilation track also available here
and one previously unreleased track) plus all new artwork.

Immerse yourself within this dark night of the soul, a tale of transformation through fear in the midst of the strange forces and spectral electrical disturbances that surround you - the forest is alive and she speaks of terrifying things, that will chill you to your very core and change you forever - if one dares to listen ...


same waves - proto blackholes

the third part of the trilogy exploring rhythm, repetition, sound and noise...


hexakai dekagon - portals

a glorious attempt that fateful evening at letting go of the stress of earthly matters so i could, for a short time, explore space and other dimensions through murky guitar loops,intense analog synth noises and computer drones at high volumes on headphones until i dissolved into a million scattered molecules... while the rest of the neighbourhood (and beyond) slept unaware of my somewhat questionable and possibly quite dangerous sonic experiments to achieve full astral projectile liftoff.


hexakai dekagon - portals 2

another disastrous attempt at cosmic dissolution through electronic sound "experiments" conducted late at night in the sealed enclosure of my secret cave laboratory... the research continues...


Psykick Psyrgery / Worms of the Earth: Abhvan [split channel]

Advaita Audio 2006
AA001 Psykick Psyrgery / Worms of the Earth - Abhvan [split channel]
Encased in metal tin. Produced by Brian Artwick

Split Channel Release (2 artists play simultaneously):

Psykick Psyrgery (Right channel)
Worms of the Earth (Left channel)


R1 Psykick Psyrgery Manvantra-Twilight
L1 Worms Of The Earth Vadavamukha

R2 Psykick Psyrgery Ultima Thule
L2 Worms Of The Earth Nun (Khasma Mega)

R3 Psykick Psyrgery Scylia
L3 Worms Of The Earth Charybdis

R4 Psykick Psyrgery Ddb (Akher)
L4 Worms Of The Earth Akher I (Swallowing The Sun)

R5 Psykick Psyrgery M.N.Z.P.CH. (Aqiva)
L5 Worms Of The Earth Akher II (Expelling The Sun)


Idle Sunder - Aether II

When Idle Sunder's full length Aether I sequel engages, boundaries of physical reality are metamorphically translated into a sound that goes beyond words. The sources used in this work are again plucked from space observatory archives, bringing with them a mindstretching stream of rich sonic character and dream-eliciting immersive potential. Be ready when the void breaks open and the blinding light reaches out to your "inner sanctum".
Aether II is a very visual album which progresses gently into very submerging ambient scapes.
Many thanks to Chris of Shaperesort.com for providing us with an excerpt of his visionary artskills.


outsider - selected raw works vol. 1

selected raw works vol. 1 is an electronic music album which relays on the authenticity of the unpolished primitive creation. it is a raw piece of art, ever glowing, created without a purpose. it is also rejected netlabel's first release.



Siegmar Fricke - Neuromecanismo

Germany's Siegmar Fricke has been active in the electronic scene since the 80's. Along the road he has been responsible for projects such as Efficient Refineries (together with Miguel A. Ruiz) and several collaborations with Italian sound artists Maurizio Bianchi and Giancarlo Toniutti.
His latest work, "Neuromecanismo", contains hypnotising and microscopic operations which could metaphorically describe the subtle intricacies of organic/biological activity on a cellular level. Not only does Siegmar demonstrate a high degree of control over the atmosphere's crystal clear sound character, but he also succeeds in sustaining a compelling modulated rhythm.



zumrub is an intense depiction of modern times through electronic music. a mirror of the inner and the outerself. in that sense, zumrub is a musical psycho-sociological treatise on today.



Elin - Undertones

After her first effort for Entity in 2004 ([NTT009] Elín - Impressions), Elín Anna Steinarsdóttir is very welcome to return with some of her newer material.
In these 9 tracks we get to experience a concrete, dynamic environment that could've easily originated in some of Iceland's dense forests or parks. Apparently, a dark fairytale unfolded at the time of recording, and there must've been loads of those because "Undertones" covers the whole synaesthetic approach by enabling a myriad of sound sources (percussion, found/recorded sounds, instruments, synthesizers, ...) to find common ground in an ever-expanding canvas of organic sonifications.


nuno maltez-32kbps grammophon

embracing classical violin melodies. the unspokable heart of the universe emotionally unveiled through the mind-like-a-mirror. nothing but the journey through one's subjectivity - arousals and impressions.



Idle Sunder - Psygnosis I

Having worked closely with Bogdan Dullsky (Quest.Room.Project - see NTT043) on this 1st album of the Psygnosis trilogy, Idle Sunder has transcended the space drone boundaries they were once confined to, to visit a universe of remarkably visual minimal rhythms and manipulated instruments/recordings.
All of the tracks contain a great diversity in both sound and style, while retaining a quite conceptual atmosphere which holds ground in between existential and psychological ideas that are sure to be elaborated on throughout the remainder of this project.


Otets Dekan - Endlessly Regurgitating Pattern

The anachronic thought-wilderness that descends from Jonathan Dean's imagination has taken on a polymorphic form of its own and was found disguising itself in what had to become the newest Entity release.
Let Otets Dekan's techno-organic automata clutch you with their slimey amorphous tentacles, drag you into their vomiting pits of acid and perform their insectile indoctrination ritual. I assure you that you won't regret it ;)



listening to abaobiag is like voyaging through the circuitry of the author's mind, a realm in which the interception and sudden out-of-nowhere appearance of ideas are so fertile that they ultimately take over our prepotent egos and turn them off.



Obscure - Playing with Demons video

PLaNeTZoo - 2 Humans In A Cage With Their Everything Box

Samuel Glaser (Zoogoo), who's based in Florida, and Anthony Colas (Planet Aldol) from France have been putting their energy in an intense journey through organic spectra, while still encompassing a wide range of emotions.
Tapping into the subconscious by exposing the listener to a constantly morphing world of living organisms is something PlanetZoo has gotten especially good at. The sparse instrumental passages contribute greatly to this album in a sense that they put a more emotional image to the stage.
Overall this is a work that will reward repeated listening, as its complex and at times recursive structure becomes more clear over time.
Enclosed is Samuel Glaser's journal which should give you a closer look into his world.


v/a - Tetroid 2012

The game was programmed by Carsten Waechter (aka Toxie from the Apocalypse Inc demogroup).

Each level in the game features music and sound effects by artists that may or may not have appeared in the Entity netlabel catalog. The general art direction was orchestrated by Jan Robbe (aka Erratic/Atomhead, Entity netlabel).

00 - Atomhead - Intro
01 - Esther Venrooy - Micro Insubordination
02 - Tirriddiliu - L'etere Romantico
03 - Flimmer - It Was Really Nothing
04 - Idle Sunder - Signal Interference (Tetroid mix)
05 - Critikal - Tetris
06 - Elín - Fable
07 - fp + om - 0+1=a1 (Tetroid edit)
08 - Takeshi Nakamura - Tone-deafness
09 - Quest.Room.Project - X.B.
10 - Disastrato - 12-6-1985
11 - Binray - Polymino Gas Slam
12 - The Ambling Band - Tetroid Theme Song
13 - Zavoloka - Terroid Po Dolynah
14 - Tomoroh Hidari - Tetroid 4000
15 - Ronny Ragtroll - Formal Greeting
16 - Photophob - Deadtroid 2014
17 - BLAERG - Tetroid
18 - Isopussy - Tracers
19 - S.A.T.K.A. - Standard Deviance
20 - Sedarka - Tetroidmix


Psi Performer - 1999 video

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Torture Chamber(without-voice ver.) - Sellenah Setho video

Norss - Dood

Dood is the Dutch word for Death… And Norss (nor his label) is by no means dead at all!

”This is the sound of you in a coffin. Or an oven. It drones and hisses and eventually leaves you in a state of diabolical bliss…”


Ego Death - 02-m02a

Can harsh noise and ambient go together? Well, for sure! Here is Ego Death from Greece. He has already proven to us to be as dark as dark can be. (Check his "For My Burial" track on the 2006 split with Ewe entitled "Voices Of The Undead": incredible stuff.) Here, he presents us an astronomical piece of work. Running over 72 minutes, this will snugly lodge into your brain.

"Decapitation performance experimental."


Gothrixus - No Eternity video

Silent Death - Dark and day video

Divinum Opus Sedare Dolorem - Insektopia video

Divinum Opus Sedare Dolorem - Machinery of Nothingness video

Divinum Opus Sedare Dolorem - Those With No Eyes video

Mystified - MonoDecay

Being a huge Mystified fan, Okkulth requested Thomas to record a longform piece in the vein of Constant or Alien Doppler. What he came up with beggars all belief! A very quiet ambient piece using the sounds of the earth, which were used in his masterful Constant 16 piece as well. To quote the man himself: “Very lo-fi, and kinda mono too. Which is weird for me.” You be the judge!

”MonoDecay is a longform excercise in keyboard sounds. The original keyboard track was modified in different ways and the piece represents the sounds at different points of decay. In the background is an effected track of sferics, the radio waves emitted by earth. MonoDecay is a very quiet track, very minimal, yet less droney than much of Mystified.”


Norss - Zwart

After Dood and Eindeloos, here is the final part in the unconfirmed trilogy. Norss has done some field recordings for this one, and uncharacteristically, didn’t use any additional samples. This is darker than black, more grim than the reaper. Just when you thought nothing goes on during a cold, bleak November night. By the way: Norss is an enormous Coil addict…

”Eindeloos (Endless) was the prologue, Dood (Death) the middle part and this is Zwart (Black): the epilogue. The sounds of the night equalling the sounds of the first 44 minutes after death…”


Causalidox: 03 - Sleep Deprivation Session 013-731M-3FU video

[unitauf] - Qamar Ali Dervish

A rare side-step for Greek noisenik [unitauf], as Kostas usually releases his work on the Subliminal Recordings label, which he runs himself. In fact, this label is nearing its 100th release! Which is quite a feat, considering the fact that Subliminal hasn’t even been around for a year yet! So you’ll understand that we at Okkulth are proud to release this new [unitauf] piece. Kostas has been experimenting with Eastern music before on his Rai release and has extended this here on Qamar Ali Dervish (a Sufi holy man). The trademark [unitauf] noise is an obvious presence, but additionally, he has incorporated distinct Eastern elements: a disorienting experience!

”Eastern noise drone”


PACIFIC 231 - sample_hold.wmv

H64 - Ausmerzen.wmv

Wolfsduister - Satanisch Pt.I

We have been long-time fans of Wolfsduister aka. Erghal and his ritualistic ambient work. So obviously, an Okkulth release just had to happen. And as you can see, this is just the first part! Apart from composing dark rituals, Erghal is also providing vocals for two excellent Dutch black metal bands: Eindig and Nachtvorst. The latter released a demo on Svartgalgh and Wolfsvuur (his own label) simultaneously and Eindig just got a great CD out on Galgenstrang, after making name for themselves with two rehearsal cassettes. Both worth checking out!

"This is the first part of the Satanisch project, a collection of releases only in the most pure worshipping way. Though this track appears as Satanisch Pt.I, it was actually recorded last. However, the atmosphere that 6 brings forth, or is meant to bring forth, is that of a sound sense of devotion. And devotion lies at the basis of our cult, hence the choice to make it the first part. The title 6 is chosen for obvious reasons..."


Wolfsduister - Satanisch Pt.II

And here it is: the second part in the Satanisch project of Holland’s finest ritualistic ambient maestro: Wolfsduister! Will this be the end of this project? Who knows. What’s for sure is that there is more of Erghal’s work to come on Okkulth! When and how? Just you wait and see...

“Erotisch Satanisch Ritueel was created to form the second part of the Satanisch project. Although this track was first created as a pure ambient soundscape, it later was put in a different erotic form to be used on a split with Kristus Kut. However, a more harsh track was created for this split, and Erotisch Satanisch Ritueel was abandoned. But since the track was a very good piece of erotic ritualisation, it was eventually released on 3 inch CDR by Subliminal Recordings, though with another title for the track: Orgie Der Onheiligen. Here, the track is published the way it was meant: as an ambient-only number. Satanisch Pt.II, the ritual of the Satanic Cult!”


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LE SYNDICAT - écorchement peinien.wmv

LES 3 PHALLUS - Accouplement monozygote.wmv

Viktorianna / HäxenexäH - I

This is something really special indeed! We’re actually not at law to disclose any information about the artist (at his request); the only thing that can be made public is that these tracks were recorded in 2006 by one and the same person. It was he who described these recordings as primitive, but we at Okkulth disagree: these are absolutely beautiful soundscapes indeed! The mood is different, thus justifying this as a split release, rather than a retrospective or what have you. Unfortunately, both Viktorianna and HäxenexäH are currently under the veil of forgotten times. RIP they are not, so who knows that the future will bring.

”Soft vintage erotic soundscape. / Dark vintage occult ritual soundscape.”


Flat Affect / Norss - Unto Silence

Cleaving Unto Silence was originally released as a very limited 3 inch CDR on Flat Affect’s own SP label. It’s been sold-out for a while now, but here’s your chance to grab this intriguing piece for naught. And there’s an added bonus: a suitably dark remix by Norss.

Here’s what Flat Affect said about the original release as well as the remix: the audio in this album was recorded, and meant to be played, alone and in the dark of night. Nothing exists in the darkness but the mind and what it creates. Both soothing and unsettling, Cleaving Unto Silence is a guide into the subconscious, evoking calm while exposing disturbing truths. The remix is perfect. It has captured the same aesthetic, and is the ideal second part to this release.

“Musick to play in the dark”


Turmoil - Sigillum Dei Aemeth

This is the first and hopefully not the last Turmoil release on Okkulth. Tom has created this track especially for us, thereby successfully capturing the vein of the label. This is his story.

In 1888, three Qabalists, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, to carry out the work that was abandoned by the Theosophical Society. These founders of the Golden Dawn intended that the Order should serve as the guardian of the Western Esoteric Tradition - keeping its knowledge intact, while at the same time preparing and teaching those individuals called to the initiatory path of the mysteries.

The primary creator of the Golden Dawn was Dr. William Wynn Westcott. A London coroner who was interested in occultism, Westcott was a Master Mason and Secretary General of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia or the Rosicrucian Society in England (also called the SRIA). Westcott, along with two others founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1888. However, the Golden Dawn was definitely Westcott’s brainchild.

Westcott’s colleagues in this endeavor were Dr. William Robert Woodman and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Dr. Woodman was a retired physician and a leading member of the SRIA. Along with Mathers, Woodman was asked by Westcott to become one of the leaders of his new Order in 1887. Woodman was an excellent Qabalist who had probably had a leading role in developing in the Qabalistic studies of the Golden Dawn. However, he died in 1891, before the Order was fully developed.

The true magician of the Golden Dawn, S.L. MacGregor Mathers, was an accomplished ritualist. Of the three founding members of the Order, Mathers was the one most responsible for making the Golden Dawn a truly magical, initiatory Order.

“Hermetic ambient, dawning drone”


sevensy - music for blank film

"Music for Blank Film is the result of several years of recording, deconstructing and remixing a number of original themes. The music was conceived with the notion that the listener would construct mental imagery to coincide with the varying soundscapes presented, hence the title. Instrumentation includes synthesizers, guitar, trombone, percussive and noise elements. Although the suite of pieces begins with quite a dark ambient and sombre tone, eventually the mood lifts, so that by the time the music has concluded, a quite uplifting feeling has been achieved."
-- sevensy


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Psykick Psyrgery / Worms of the Earth: Abhvan [split channel]

Advaita Audio 2006
AA001 Psykick Psyrgery / Worms of the Earth - Abhvan [split channel]
Encased in metal tin. Produced by Brian Artwick

Split Channel Release (2 artists play simultaneously):

Psykick Psyrgery (Right channel)
Worms of the Earth (Left channel)


R1 Psykick Psyrgery Manvantra-Twilight
L1 Worms Of The Earth Vadavamukha

R2 Psykick Psyrgery Ultima Thule
L2 Worms Of The Earth Nun (Khasma Mega)

R3 Psykick Psyrgery Scylia
L3 Worms Of The Earth Charybdis

R4 Psykick Psyrgery Ddb (Akher)
L4 Worms Of The Earth Akher I (Swallowing The Sun)

R5 Psykick Psyrgery M.N.Z.P.CH. (Aqiva)
L5 Worms Of The Earth Akher II (Expelling The Sun)


uhm (unsolved hollywood mysteries) "don't move"

uhm (AKA: unsolved hollywood mysteries) is a three-piece experimental/noise/sound project featuring jared butler (from darph/nadeR), cory thrall (from darph/nadeR), and diana morales (longtime darph/nadeR collaborator). this project is freeform and energetic, but also a bit dark and mournful in places. freeform jams at the core of experimentation...also features a bit of audio from the television, and a few other sources......this is uhm's first release, a fresh beginning for a trio of friends!


feeel "She's Only Growing Older"

feeel is a constantly evolving ensemble, and this is their third release. focusing this time more on layered guitar, bass, and analog synth oriented songs, this release explores the more lively end of the experimental genre - leaving one with a greater "feeling" of feeel.....

visit: www.geocities.com/feeel_music


Sistrenatus - IX video

Sistrenatus - VI + VII video

Sistrenatus - I + II video

Mystified / Zieltogend - Black Lotus

Since FM3 was kind enough to offer the loops from their Buddha Machine 1.0 for free and on a Creative Commons license, Mystified and Zieltogend endeavored to create pieces of music using only these sounds. Unlike the original Buddha Machine, more than one loop is heard at once in these pieces, giving them perhaps a little bit of an unfair advantage. We hope you enjoy the music.

“Sounds of the Buddha Machine 1.0”


Zieltogend - Aarde

Zieltogend is from the Netherlands. That’s about all we can tell about him, for he wants to keep his identity a secret. The intention of Zieltogend is to create very minimal soundscapes. Droning, ambientesque, or whatever lies in between. Empty is the code-word. The Zieltogend method is simple: remix a track down to its bare-boned, minimal necessity. For this release, he deformed a track by Mystified: Earth from the Treetrunk release Audio Paintings. It’s presented here in two parts. Suffice to say: this is not going to be the last Zieltogend release on Okkulth, cause we absolutely love what is going on here!

“The soil has a sound. Mystical, empty, rumbling and droning, hissing, soothing yet unsettling, minimal down to the
core of the earth.”


Wolfsduister / Norss - Zielloze Verbintenis

In the past, both these artists have released work together, thereby also collaborating on a few tracks. Prime examples are the Norss Platen and Schaduw releases Nachtelijk Verbond and Nachtprofeten. However, both felt this was not enough. Hence Zielloze Verbintenis.

Wolfsduister and Norss have again chosen to team up for a release, this time in a different shade of darkness. Both artists agreed on the concept of creating a track that is build up entirely of various works from the other, limiting themselves to 16 minutes each. The result is darkness in the eyes of a twisted mind, a soulless connection!

“Soulless connection in eternal darkness”


Postapocalyptix - Desdemona

Monday, December 27, 2010

AmortE - Under The Pall I Smell The Past

Amazed we were by the Hekte Zaren / Norss split on Norss Platen called Hellemond! What were we hearing here? The new Diamanda Galas?! That’s as close a description we could come up with. AmortE is the alter ego of Hekte Zaren and this is her first release on Okkulth Records. The second one is coming soon and something tells us, there will be a third, maybe a fourth, hell, why not a fifth?! AmortE is a hellish poet, the tongue of evil, death’s singer. AmortE sees the grotesque of life, because death has a sense of humour. Cruel, but exciting. AmortE looks for drops of suffering in humans. She collects them. Drops of powerless prayers for hope. AmortE knows that there is no hope. All the drops will be stored into the source of all blackness, becoming the river of evil...

These tracks were selected by AmortE herself from her very expansive recordings. Be amazed by the sub-angelic voice of hell! Amen!

“Death chants I”


Raison d'être -phase 1 video

Raison d'être -phase 2 video

Raison d'être -phase 3 video

Tsükliline Lagunemine - The Eternal Dance video

Tsükliline Lagunemine - Fatalism video

Tsükliline Lagunemine - Varemesse video

Elend - Du Trefonds Des Tenebres

Haus Arafna - Blood

Astra Autisma - Ich Hatte Einen Traum

How dark would you like your ambient to be? Not sure? Maybe Astra Autisma can provide the answer for you with these archival recordings from 2006 and 2007. Lady SC has dug deep into her catalogue for this and came up with these 12 tracks which were buried under a layer of dust and hatred. We at Okkulth decided instantly that these recordings should not go unnoticed. A perfect soundtrack for the coldest days of the year!

Astra Autisma is located in Russia and apart from creating her dark ambient pieces, she is also active in the black metal band Nocra. For some physical Astra Autisma releases, contact Subliminal Recordings and/or Norss Platen.

“Memories of times of depression and suicide, despair and pain”


Shane Morris - Premonition

We have often mentioned how much we enjoy meeting new artists, one of the true joys of running a netlabel. But we enjoy just as much welcoming back artists who have already released with us, and love presenting new works by these folks to our audience. Such is our pleasure today, as we introduce the latest release by ambient multi-instrumentalist Shane Morris, entitled "Premonition".

Like Shane's previous Earth Mantra title "Magnetosphere", "Premonition" is live music, a recording of a piece Shane performed in real time on March 25, 2010, with no editing or overdubs. Also like his previous release, this album showcases Shane's powerful live performance chops. Listening to the music, one easily forgets that the artist is composing all music and generating all sounds as the music commences. Having witnessed Shane's performances in person, we can attest to his singular talent at delivering majestic and effortless live ambient music. He is truly a master of the art.

This performance is no exception. The music drifts along lazily through placid sound worlds, punctuated at careful intervals with shakers, light percussion, and various otherworldly instruments. As always, Shane designs sounds of immaculate beauty, layering and interleaving them in perfect balance, with never so much that it overwhelms, but with never so little that one loses the thread of the piece. We find particularly remarkable how seamlessly the individual components of this work dovetail. One understands, while listening, how deeply Shane understands the ambient form, and how broadly he sees the forest while focusing on the trees. Simply exceptional work.

On his web site, Shane lists no influences we can find, but we would hazard a guess that Steve Roach figures prominently among them. To us, this particular recording strongly evokes some of Roach's softer, more enigmatic longform pieces, with all the mystery and delicious abstraction that implies. But this is no mere Roach emulation; Shane's musical voice shines clearly through, an aesthetic that honors the masters that have come before while charting new directions forward. We would go so far as to say that Shane takes up the mantle that Roach has given us and yet guides us to wholly new realms and vistas unique to his own point of view. Astonishing music.

So we are truly honored to be bringing the work of Shane Morris to our listeners and could not be more excited to unveil "Premonition", Shane's sophomore Earth Mantra title. May it be only the latest of many more releases to come in the future. Highly, highly recommended.

As always, all Earth Mantra releases are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. For commercial use, please contact us.


Music performed and recorded live by Shane Morris on March 25, 2010.


Blackhouse-Golden Ghost 1990

Ananta - Inside My Room, Watching The Rain

"One day I was sitting in my room, watching the rain through the window. It was late afternoon, quite dark around. The drops were hitting the glass from the outside - for me it was only a rumbling. I also heard a subtle drone but I couldn't think a way where it comes from. There should be only silence around but I still heard these drones. Was it in my head? One important thing: that rain lasted four hours. Fot this whole time I was sitting there, looking, listening. Apart from anything I grew to love all this, as it was a serene feeling. And so I wanted You too be able to feel it. To dive into this stillness of subtle changes. To let the time stop in Your head when You allow melancholy to rule over Yourself."

Cover art by Ananta.




feverdreams - surrounding

"Feverdreams is dark and mysterious. A rumbling and shimmering miasma of soothing low end, staticky buzz, and occasional clatter and skree. Gorgeous slow building soundscapes with subtle non-repeating rhythms and with layers and layers of drone, whir, throb, and clang. This would be nightmare music if it wasn't so damn pretty." - Aquarius Records (S.F.) review of an earlier release.

As always the goal with this release is the search for new sounds and the collage of those sounds. These are two longer, more slowly evolving songs that I feel work best when one has time to let the mind wander. I recommend listening while doing something else, or while falling to sleep. Thanks for listening.


Olle Svensk - Pitroghucy

As we step in to the music of Pitroghucy, we also step in to empty factories, deserted warehouses and isolated buildings. Inspired by these abandoned places Olle Svensk has created a piece off work that brings the listener on an urban exploration in sound. What may we find in the dark? Which creatures dwell amongst the debris? Who might we
meet deep in these tunnels? Might it be ourselves? Is it our own subconsiousness, spawning from deep inside our minds?

"Early in the mornings when I'm walking to work I use to listen to music in my mp3 player. One morning when I listened to Pitroghucy by Olle Svensk, something unusual happened. I walked the wrong way! The cause might be that I was tired, and that I´m used to walk the same road several times, but that´s not all there was to it. A reason might also be the music. I lost myself in the music in a mediative condition, my body walked by itself while my present was in Pitroghucy dark geography. This has never happened to me before, and I think this occurrence explain what kind of intense music Olle Svensk successfully has created"
-Markus Åberg, TLHOTRA


Jon 7 & Vanilla Sandro-Divided States/Territory

Close your eyes. Think for a moment of the most forlorn place you have ever visited and imagine what sounds the winds and the skies make, as they realize that they are as trapped in the scene as you feel by just observing it.

From the respctive labs of Jon 7 and Vanilla Sandro come these two dark explorations into forbidding areas. The first, "Divided States", paints a picture of a country isolated from the rest of the world for a decade, whose iron curtain has only recently collapsed, allowing entry by only the most fearless of travellers, a country in which a vast and protracted cultural and idealogical war has been taking place, with no side as the winner.

The second, "Territory", paints the picture of a land, rarely explored by man, as if forbidden, intimidating to venture into, but rewarding the explorer with a display of dark vistas that speak of the beauty of isolation, leaving the explorer feeling more whole for having travelled there.

This release will be added to the jon7.net website soon, ( www.jon7.net and also clips will be made available on the jon7.net microlabel myspace page. Jon7.net Microlabel on Myspace