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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

darkly pale - album

First album, released by Cauldron Music, 2002. Ambient and neoclassical music, cold, dark, Dedicated To The European nature.

Rodolfo Gonzales has started "Under the Pale moniker Darkly cold and dark ambient / neoclassical music, With Some concrete and industrial influences. On His first album we Cauldron Music, in 2002, Rudolph G. Given The Most has mechanical and "inhuman" score as possible, and has a lot to WORKED Have a particularly cold and distant sound, pretty lo-fi And Sometimes concrete - On the last track, Which Is A recording of a storm, with rain and wind.


Place the second label chronic sombrissime Cauldron Music. Darkly Pale is without doubt the headliner in the company of Century End of this label yet so endearing and introspective. Stephen F. had better behave themselves during the painful period of the transfers. Darkly Pale could hear the siren song Nordic .... I did not say I was not there ....

Minimalism and depths are the key words and themes on this disc glazing. The sounds of piano and cello sound like a funeral march throughout the play, and paradoxically can also think of a pagan ode automnale.Quoiqu it is in the composition is fluid, simple and effective. Melancholy effects guaranteed to every listening sessions of this "legacy".

In another development that culminates in a Land is the most evocative cinematic universe. To believe that the landscapes of the new home of Rudolph (Canada) had a major influence for the design of this album. I read here and there that our aesthetic practice time was electronics. I damn well my soul to listen to his previous work ....

Thank you Rudolph syndrome Chopin caught me, my mind is foggy and returned to the contemplative beauty painful and enjoyable at the same time, I'll try to leave this atmosphere gently with a small "villers Wind" Collection d'Arnell Andrea.J hope that this requirement is sufficient.


An "Introduction" to you spinning us into a cold sweat without preamble into the world of melancholy Darkly Pale, yet quickly comes healing. Piano and cello invite us for walks that are reminiscent of Collection d'Arnell Andrea (in its classical training) and ... Fin De Siecle, but knows Darkly Pale impose its own sonic universe. The notes of the piano are not of our wanderings in the ruins of a castle in the heart of a forest, they are drops of rain upon the ground that offers aromas unlike any other, they are the wind that sweeps our years as the leaves fall. But it is not the depression that we face in these wanderings, rather nostalgia ... nostalgia or hope of a world where forests extend to infinity? I write because I live forest forest, it still contaminates from my thoughts, each draw, however in this opus abundant sap capable of feeding his own imagination. Me, I'll go listen Darkly Pale at the heart of Dark Forest at the foot of so many centuries-old beech Ponthus ...
The seal of Cauldron is it the evocative power of his music and an unstoppable force of stirring up emotions? Given what I have heard so far I can only say yes. Step by step the label is self-evident to any fan wishing to grant music requirement.

Contact label: http://Cauldronmusic.free.fe

Contact Group: www.darklypale.fr.st

Brown Jenkin


Neoclassical training that is somewhat reminiscent of either producing New Plays Cosmopolitans, Darkly Pale presents eight tracks to the peace-oriented and proven reverie. Solitary reverie, daydreaming night musing melancholy or bittersweet, this CD is, questions, or transports transpose with frank simplicity and a certain delicacy. However, this dream is not always safe: "Shelter" as one might hope welcoming and protective proves to be a lair rather dark and disturbing. "Heavenly" closes this dark interlude on a lighter heart, a violin, a few crystal-clear sounds that could come straight from a music box and accidentally left open by the enchanting notes of a piano. Other compositions Darkly Pale oscillate between contemporary music and experiments such as "rain-wind-storm". A very pleasant moment.


Stop! Stop everything! Very soon will be released new album Darkly Pale, for the occasion, many changes of style. Far from the electronic sounds of his debut, DP strikes us here eight pieces of neoclassical flawless, sublime, divine, brilliant. Seduction operates from the first notes, the atmosphere sad and melancholic, without being superficial and overblown, and together they almost instantly and we do not let go. The evocative power is so powerful that we can not detach our attention from the sounds around us and take us into a world cold, miserable and depressing.
For those who want to get an idea that is fairly close to Fin de Siècle, (on the same label as well) and Collection d'Arnell Andrea for what is to atmosphere. Darkly Pale is the musical setting of flaps flapping, carpets of dead leaves, chipped paint, old marble cracked and split, the singing of manors and mansions let ivy, wind, and to trees which take their right. Piano marks the passing of time, time will erase, which erases the trace of man in nature, which returns to its original state.
Whatever merit this album is who will succeed him an indispensable work of this year.



At a time when the gangrene of uniformity and leveling down longer spares the remotest fringes of alternative scenes, a label as bold and informed Cauldron Music does that acquires more value to the demanding music lover. Without his foresight and initiative in effect, no doubt that this new jewel of neoclassical dark ambient remained in the unfortunate anonymity. By the sincerity of his motives and the depth of his aesthetic, Darkly Pale did, indeed, nothing to envy to his fellow end of the century and Land. But if he comes close by the ease with which he leads the listener into a soundscape and very personal vision, his music is more austere, colder, sadder and stripped. Point off in the ether or surveys in time here: everything lies in the ability of tunes to evoke the simple beauty that mocks the large open spaces, eroded by the rains and blizzard ("The Breeze", " storm, rain, wind). As it sinks into the black furrows of the theater of grief, an unspeakable threat becomes clearer step. A creeping fear seeps slowly dull plains, the rocks crack, trees giggle. A hut stands in the distance, a refuge at last. It is calm here. ("A Shelter," "Theater," "Heaven"). The spirit grows numb, quietly carried on a wave deleterious. The bubble of harmony swallows the intruder, then closes again. One more ... Third installment of the "Heritage", this album initiatory Darkly Pale seduced as much by the tone so singular contrast (fragility and "automatism" structures of compositions), by the side of her atypical instrumentation (xylophone nostalgic cello flayed , Synth disturbing solemn percussion, piano serious or offset). Pathways are decidedly impenetrable darkness ...


Behind this name hides Darkly Pale Rudolph Gonzales, a being smitten by her, offering his scores to the sensitive listener. Sending up the 'Ruins' humanity of unspeakable things,' The breeze envelope our desire to escape. Every note fits within a setting of 'Theatre' where each intruder seems to be a messenger 'Celeste'. A scene revealing the ghostly moving thunderstorms, rain, wind, and leaving to chance that the impression to exist. All makes intriguing mystery and the feeling of being somewhere else even more exquisite


Ruins is probably the best title that could have Darkly Pale best to characterize his first work here is eponymous. Completely instrumental, the first approach is akin to ambient, soft and calm. However there are different emotions depending on the mood, especially a cathedral in which resonate notes of the piano that is the supervisor of this dark alchemy. The pieces do not separate and form a whole, always conducted under the auspices of fingers running over the black and white keys. The title track showcases the Ruins xylophone, and the first part of a violin piece at his little warm. But this is no heat in question here, one goes in search of mysterious thoughts, the titles to songs are evocative of a mood, a mood, an atmosphere, an invitation to discover or share feelings of many more nocturnal and soothing, according to his mood. The breeze, the third song in which we find a piano and violin. Shelter, under which we hear the wind blowing, stormy weather and rain, accompanied by heavy, almost suffocating the faithful notes piano. A cello also invites himself into the game protagonists string and percussion on Celeste, before the second part of Theatre will open before closing the first shelter. Rain-Wind Closing history that we Darkly Pale account, giving us a glimpse of his vision of the natural elements. The artwork is obviously black and white, and a sentence encapsulates the entire work: "This album is dedicated to Europe, with its hills and forests. It is dedicated to the refusal to better days. "

Heads or Tails

It starts without a glimmer of hope. It falls into the strange, even fantastic, with a lustrous atmosphere, echoing sounds, lacking only a few cracks that they may have the impression of a place haunted vistiter. Then the plot of this dark film continues, on her best song "Ruins", which Alient xylophones, piano, violin and tension. A melancholy music which originates in a natural way, music that is preventing us from continuing our activities, we must follow up. Universes film, a drama or a suspense would fit perfectly with this record. A trial protigieux, which tends to let us see a bright future in music, even if the dark side could still capsized ... After all, we like sad music because it can be traced (and reject) our depression.


Let yourself be transported in the dark and melancholy, but also soft and soothing, the French project Darkly Pale. Close your eyes and let yourself be overwhelmed by the melodies dominated by sounds of piano and sound collages, with occasional other traditional instruments like the violin or cello. Darkly Pale created here full sound worlds that make us travel through emotional landscapes melancholy, sad, sleek, timeless .... From the neoclassical holding of matter and soul. In summary a very good album, as one would like to hear more often in this style of music. (Nebel)

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