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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Semper eadem- Aesthetic Ramblings

(By http://www.gutsofdarkness.com/) Long before our ear canals of elimination with the onslaught of noisy Lith, David Valle began with Semper eadem, pouring into melancholy and ethereal atmospheres. Two demo-tapes and cd-r of the preceding seven years 'Ramblings aesthetic' and it is with pleasure that we rediscover this project neoclassical where wind instruments, strings and piano pour out into the world of dreams and hopes disappointed. The waiting and the memory of long ago is at the heart of this mini-album delicate arrangements sober and stunning visuals. Found on 'Geister' and 'Reflections of a dream too vague' universe end of the century in its infancy, but with a special touch of dreamlike, half way between the daydream and restless sleep. Spectra seem to haunt the scene of this ep, seizing every opportunity to communicate with the dreamer who wanders, confused and seeking answers to these cryptic images and sounds which assail mysterious. The CD-ROM included with the Limited Edition also combines the sound image by providing an illustration of some aesthetic and enigmatic titles. A beautiful music box that immerses the listener in a pleasant reverie and troubling at a time. A box that we begin to reopen as possible in hopes of finding something new with each reading. http://www.archive.org/download/divagations_esthetiques/divagations_esthetiques_vbr_mp3.zip

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