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Monday, February 28, 2011

HERZ JÜHNING - Can´t be (Video)

SoulCripple - Promo CD 2002

Originally released as limited cd-r!
First edition in golden tin box lim. to 25 copies!
Second edition in silver tin box with diverent artwork lim. to 25 copies, too! http://www.archive.org/download/SoulCripple-Promo-CD/SoulCripple-Promo-CD_64kb_mp3.zip

Tardive Dyskinesia - Sadistic-Inc. EP

This EP is an older work from T.D.
and a small trip into harsh electronic music! http://www.archive.org/download/Sadistic-Inc._EP/Sadistic-Inc._EP_64kb_mp3.zip

K.Siratori feat. Tardive Dyskinesia - Black Paper

8 track of noise, ambient and industrial!
Words and voice by Kenji Siratori (Japan)!
Music written and performed by Tardive Dyskinesia! http://www.archive.org/download/Black_Paper/Black_Paper_64kb_mp3.zip

[Haus Arafna] - You (Videoclip)

[Haus Arafna] - Colony Collapse (Videoclip)

ATROX - Versuch einer Versöhnung (Videoclip)

SoulCipple - Dreams of an Invalid Soul


cosmoloka - vajra

included sounds^
Carlos Nakai/Анечка Грибоедова/BG/Autogen/Conet

(c) Oceana
www.oceana.clan.su http://www.archive.org/download/COSMOLOKA_2009/COSMOLOKA_2009_vbr_mp3.zip

LEGER DES HEILS - Hurray! (Videoclip)

Narcotic Noise - Abstract Forms in Accumulated Darkness

Second album of Narcotic Noise. Not to be played during day time.
Play in the dead of night, preferably at high volume.

The ZIP file contains the whole album + the cover.

Label website: http://hauntedklinik.xtreemhost.com http://www.archive.org/download/NarcoticNoise-2007-AbstractForms/NarcoticNoise-2007-AbstractForms.zip

Narcotic Noise - Fullmoon Hypnosis


01 enTrance
02 Cycle of Lunacy
03 Noctambulant
04 Drowning in Pale Light
05 Food for the Moon
06 Midnight Rites
07 The Night of the Werewolf
08 Pondering Suicide
09 When Moon Became as Blood
10 Horrors of the Unconscious Mind
11 The Sleeper Must Not Awaken
12 Narcotization

Total Time: 82:00

Fifth album of Narcotic Noise explores using different types of rhythms in dark ambient music. Should be played around midnight during a full moon. If you get hypnotized, shift consciousness, fall into a coma, appear on the Moon or go insane, you've done it right. Side effects may include getting abducted by aliens. If that happens, send them to http://hauntedklinik.xtreemhost.com and make them download some albums. That will give them a headache and they will let you go. http://www.archive.org/download/NarcoticNoise-2009-FullmoonHypnosis/NarcoticNoise-2009-FullmoonHypnosis.rar

tf-drone - exploring the distance

More info about me:

The last piece, "return for winter's solstice", is part of the release "Places of Importance" by The Ambient Collective, also to be found here on archive.org

My "Place of Importance" is the beach of Utakleiv, Norway, 68°12'42.15"N, 13°30'17.83"E http://www.archive.org/download/exploring_the_distance/exploring_the_distance_64kb_mp3.zip

tonipsycho-cry of silence

This is my earlier music work from around 2004-2005, which i have simply put together, cleaned up a little bit, but most of it is as more or less as it was.


No Heaven & ABSUM - The Light Is Black video


Part three in a three part series
Heavy dark industrial track depicting the end. http://www.archive.org/download/TurmoilInfection/TurmoilInfection_64kb_mp3.zip

pollux-hate me

Recorded: 2009
[c] Music and Performer by Arnaud Barbe (Pollux), 2009
Released: 23 August 2009 Microbit Records http://www.archive.org/download/Microbit-rec092/mbr092_2009_Pollux_-_Hate_Me.zip

Jurko Haltuu- Escaping The Darkness

This is Jurko Haltuu's second appearance on Treetrunk Records. In this one, he offers 2 excellent Dark Ambient and Drone tracks. In the artist's own words, "The title says it all" http://www.archive.org/download/Escaping_The_Darkness/Escaping_The_Darkness_vbr_mp3.zip

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almófar - C'est la Peste! Sauve Qui Peut! (2010)

01 - En Tes Mains je Remets mon Esprit m'a Racheté
02 - C'est la Peste! Sauve Qui Peut!
03 - Den Bortdreune Regnbuen (Mortiis Cover)
04 - Pour Vos Péchés ont à Faire Pénitence
05 - Moonlight Sonata - (Beethoven)

A Face Obscena da Humanidade FACE I: Pestilentia (The genesis of the conception of the life in diseases and aberrations) Abismo and Dios Incadescente

Execution List:

01. Dios Incandescente - About The Light of Darkness...
02 - Dios Incandescente - ...Des Ombres n'existent pas sans Lumière
03 - Dios Incandescente - Voces del olvido
04- Abismo - The Humanity's Obscene Face


SAJÆ - Rictus Sanguinis video

SAJÆ - "Paimon"video

SAJÆ - "Omnipotens Dominus Sathanas"video

Nubiferous - Under the Veil of Beshtau

Artist: Nubiferous

Title: Under the Veil of Beshtau


01. Obnubilation 2:05
02. Under the Veil of Beshtau 6:58
03. Grottoes of Unseen 5:38
04. Chronomirages 15:00
05. Caves o Decay 7:32
06. Through the ethereal Landscape 12:32
07. Anomalies at Predawn 7:19
08. In Dead Mine 6:01

Genre: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental

Visit the artist:


Nubiferous - Unearthly Formless Obscurity

Artist: Nubiferous

Title: Unearthly Formless Obscurity


01. Saturnine 1:15

02. Winds From The Cold Depths 7:10

03. Civilization Urhrem-ur Ozn 4:37

04. Kvershlag 5:11

05. Unearthly Formless Obscurity 4:41

06. Rainy Ghost 3:59

07. Summer Pulse 7:45

Genre: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental

Nubiferous on myspace: http://myspace.com/nubiferous

Album released on Censored Productions under creative common license.



Nubiferous - Behind The Megalithic Walls


Album Title: Behind The Meghalithic Walls


1. Inshore Dolmen 2:12
2. Breast From The Ancient Water 12:24
3. Nightwalker 5:12
4. Towers Of The Black Sea Dragon 10:30
5. Into The Asylum Of Basatan 12:43
6. Speos Of Deep Ones 11:00
7. Yaddith Gho 12:55
8. The Opaque Vision 4:45
9. Behind The Megalithic Walls 14:46
10. Nitrogen Narcosis (bonus) 4:08
11. Creatures Of THe Void 5:37

Album "Behind The Megalithic Walls"
recorded in February/March 2010.
Except track "Speos Of Deep Ones" Recoded in november 2009.
All thoughts, conception & design by Nubiferous.


Genre: ambient, dark ambient, experimental, drone

Released on Censored Productions



Die Sonne Satan - Purity video

Black Katharsis - Blood For The Solar Gods video

Die Sonne Satan - Lewd Conduct II video

TZperX - Chronicles

TZ/X is a one man project experimenting with strong rhythm bases, uncommon song structures, strange melodies or harmonies and a lot of sound alternating. The atmosphere of tracks is often depressing, they are (like) episodes of a story, a kind of apocalypse.

When I hear a song, a voice or just a sound or some noise, I find an image, a color, a story in it. The depth, the height, the volume, the length, the rhythm of a sound all modify the impression, the image I see. Every second, every moment is an important piece of this vision in my mind. (This is why I really love the music people coming from fine arts create.)

Atmosphere and landscape is always together in a music.

Chronicles is the first TZ/X album released in 2010. To be continued...



Obscuratus - From Beyond

Artist: Obscuratus

Album title: From Beyond


1. Guardian 8:19
2. Through The Gate 8:57
3. Guest 10:41
4. Nother Colors 16:53


Released on Censored Productions under creative common license.



Obscuratus - Alone in madness

Artist: Obscuratus

Album title: Alone in madness


1. Darkness within 14:25
2. Alone in madness 12:29
3. Sentence 16:57

Obscuratus is an Ukrainen dark ambient project, started in November, 2009.


Album Alone in madness released on Censored Productions under creative common license.


Nubiferous - Under the Veil of Beshtau


01. Obnubilation 2:05
02. Under the Veil of Beshtau 6:58
03. Grottoes of Unseen 5:38
04. Chronomirages 15:00
05. Caves o Decay 7:32
06. Through the ethereal Landscape 12:32
07. Anomalies at Predawn 7:19
08. In Dead Mine 6:01

Download for free:


Listen and download on archive.org:

Visit the artist:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gedanken - Loneliness (2010)

01 - Intro
02 - Disturbed Road
03 - Loneliness
04 - Madness
05 - Why
06 - Collapse


Information overload. Sensory apocalypse. The meat in our frail bone cages will burn.

Turn the album on loudly. Turn the lights off, and lie in the middle of the floor listening with your eyes closed.

The second full length album from Nimheil, a single 40 minute track the winds it's way through a mysterious world. http://www.archive.org/download/ur006net2005/ur006net2005_64kb_mp3.zip

Lucas Darklord-By Their Bloated Hands

You wouldn't think that hands like those could manage anything. Look how they clumsily paw at things. See how they break what they touch.

There isn't even care there, no matter how far you look. http://www.archive.org/compress/ByTheirBloatedHands

I.D. Zone (Internal.Destroyer) - Only Whispers Remain

Nimheil - Entropic Ramblings

Nimheil - Entropic Ramblings

The first release from the dark ambient / noise based musical project of Padraig MacIain, called Nimheil. Originally released as a limited run tape release with hand decorated inserts. This is a Net.Label release with only one small difference, the final track F.C.P (Sunday Picnic) has been replaced with Terror of Nations (Mothers Milk Mix)


Sunmanitu - Wanahotonyapi

I am just a shell. I am a hollow bone for the creator. This album is a tribute to my path, the red road, the way of the Lakota. These songs are translations of the visions I have that fill my dreams and my mind while I pray. I have overcome many obstacles on my path, and these songs are the tale of those troubles.
Mitakuye Oyasin

This is the first full release written by Sunmanitu. Recently his life has gotten rather difficult between losing housing and having to move from country to country. But hopefully soon he will be back into a good form and producing more of this music.

I have been very honoured to know him for a long time now and am glad to have been part of getting this album online for him.

Padraig MacIain // Uncomfortable Records


Profunda - Inferno video

Nasthur - Night video

Replogen - Fragmented Isolation

Fragmented Isolation is a six track companion piece to the forthcoming
REPLOGEN release

"ghost within the mirror" http://www.archive.org/compress/ur010net2006

ksandr and I.M.M.U.R.E. - Inner Gravity. Part 2-2

Notes: The joint project of Lavrishchev Alexander`s project (ksandr) and Olejnikov Alexey`s project (I.M.M.U.R.E.) presents free improvisations with self-made musical instruments. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.last.fm/music/ksandr+and+I.M.M.U.R.E./http://www.archive.org/download/Fsg04.KsandrAndI.m.m.u.r.e.-InnerGravity.Part2-2/Fsg04.KsandrAndI.m.m.u.r.e.-InnerGravity.Part2-2_vbr_mp3.zip

ksandr and I.M.M.U.R.E. - Inner Gravity. Part 2-1

The joint project of Lavrishchev Alexanderâs project (ksandr) and Olejnikov Alexey`s project (I.M.M.U.R.E.) presents free improvisations with self-made musical instruments. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.last.fm/music/ksandr+and+I.M.M.U.R.E./http://www.archive.org/compress/Fsg03.KsandrAndI.m.m.u.r.e.-InnerGravity.Part2-1320kbps

ksandr and I.M.M.U.R.E. - Inner Gravity. Part 1

The joint project of Lavrishchev Alexanderâs project (ksandr) and Olejnikov Alexey`s project (I.M.M.U.R.E.) presents free improvisations with self-made musical instruments.http://www.last.fm/music/ksandr+and+I.M.M.U.R.E./ http://www.archive.org/download/Fsg02.KsandrAndI.m.m.u.r.e.-InnerGravity.Part1320kbps/Fsg02.KsandrAndI.m.m.u.r.e.-InnerGravity.Part1320kbps_vbr_mp3.zip

Friday, February 25, 2011

Maskin-Derivative Forms

2 ambient pieces by Maskin.
All digital and VSTi (mostly Crystal and FreeAlpha), composed with Renoise Music Tracker.

Stray Theories - Numbered

A dark ambient journey of brooding industrial sounds and sinister soundscapes, written between 2002-2006

11 tracks
Total Time : 34.01

More info and music can be found on Stray Theories at
http://www.straytheoriesmusic.com http://www.archive.org/download/StrayTheories-Numbered/straytheories_Numbered_.zip

blood into water-metaphor against rule

more info and material at


industrial, harsh noise, power electronics, death industrial, dark ambient, noise, harsh, post industrial, blood into water. http://www.archive.org/download/MetaphorAgainstRule/MetaphorAgainstRule_64kb_mp3.zip


Dark Ambient Compilation

01 - Gabran - Afternoon
02 - Gazoul - Bitumen
03 - Abhorrent Beauty - Communication
04 - Tadash - Strange
05 - Posthuman Tantra - Kloning Spare
06 - Gorium - Silence and Fear
07 - Bipolar Electronic Music - Bipolar Disorder
08 - dshock - Grassy Flavor
09 - Guilherm'isBack - Black Atmosphere
10 - Monstro Legume and Guilherm'isBack - Incidente Na Noite Chuvosa
11 - Taklamakan - Abyss

Sooterkin Flesh-Gogmagog EP (2009)

Industrial, dark-angelic ambient, experimental, noise-drone soundscapes, constructed in 1998, remixed and completely reconstructed in 2009. Featuring Troy Norfolk and John Murphy - tapeloops, tape-treatments, samplers, keyboards, record treatments, voice manipulation, train stations and associated field recordings. The imbibing of the ethereal essence,( exuding from the awakened passenger ) fascinated the innocent as he swayed back from whence he came. http://www.archive.org/download/Gogmagog/Gogmagog_vbr_mp3.zip

Crude - Cold Black Waves

Blocking out the outside world with this surreal and unpleasant album length composition of dark ambient sound art. recorded 2009, this piece will be included in Crude's 'archive 2009' data dvd release in december. for more information go to crude homepage at www.crude.co.nz http://www.archive.org/download/Crude-ColdBlackWaves/Crude-ColdBlackWaves_vbr_mp3.zip

21 Gramms & Nezumi- Dukkha


21 Gramms 'Rain'