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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cachexy "U. > L."

Second full length release by ukrainian noise-ambient-experimental project Cachexy (seek for Cachexy "Tacet Sed Loquitur" to find first full-length release).
This release includes two original tracks and three covers: two covers of song "Reveries of Trees" by ukrainian synthpop/rock project Olya and Monster (made as a part of Cardiowave.net label cover concours), and a cover of song "Eraser" by ukrainian synthpop/darkfolk project The Litz.

Graphics by Cachexy. Original Cachexy logo by SunsetArt ( http://redlline.deviantart.com/ )

01 - Astral Winds, Solar Reveries, Interstellar Tensions
02 - Anger Of Stones Dwelling In Hot Dismal Nights Of Volcano Depths
03 - "Forest Reveries" [noise version] (Olya and Monster "Reveries of Trees" coveremix)
04 - "Forest Reveries" [metal version] (Olya and Monster "Reveries of Trees" coveremix)
05 - The Lord Eraser (The Litz "Eraser" cover)

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