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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Semper eadem -Symphonies Irrational

A musical experiment based upon dreams, and feelings nightmare. A blur and Aesthetic travel

Some projects are experiencing a quiet life and go out of the silence that often, but they mark their time by their identity, strength. Semper eadem is one of them.

Appeared in the early 90's radio plays and music for short films or performances, the neoclassical and ambient project of David Valley has kept this aspect and narrative film, music Semper eadem , ethereal and changing, sometimes cold, often dark, is a powerful medium for reverie, which naturally arise pictures, prints, a world almost palpable.

So five years after "Ramblings aesthetic" that seems "Symphonies Irrational" album between heaven and earth, between waking and dreaming. Haunted by the specter of Orpheus by Cocteau, the seven tracks on this new album navigate between dream ether, uncertain visions, ghosts and sheer forms ... http://www.archive.org/download/SymphoniesIrrationnelles/MDB08_Semper_Eadem_Symphonies_Irrationnelles.zip

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