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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Audio Gourmet - The Opaque Abstractions

TRACK ONE: 'The Mist Before Sunrise'
TRACK TWO: 'Artificial Intelligence'
TRACK THREE: 'The Mist Before Sunrise' (Short-hand edit)

Following on from the Netlabel success on Webbed Hand Records with 'Rusted Dreams', Audio Gourmet provide us with two more pieces of groundbreaking ambient music.
Experimenting with a collection of field recordings, Audio Gourmet have warped these everyday-familiar samples into suffocating, desolate soundscapes.

Simple well-known sounds such as: birds singing, instruments, African drumming, conversations, leaves rustling and more have been warped and twisted into new audio-art that is beyond recognition of its original source.

The soundscapes are 'opaque' - it is difficult to see through and distinguish what was once a very recognisable and familiar collection of sounds.
(not original cover art featured).

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