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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maelifell and Semper Eadem split CD


Found with pleasure on this split Stephen F., architect of Fin De Siecle, Maelifell with his project, which we will measure all the good that I think in the chronicle of the mini CD "The Plague". However, far from it, is a medieval instrumental music rather joyous and festive, more rarely warrior, we offer the artist, for information behind Semper eadem David Valley (also known as a member of Lith). Without difficulty, and three titles each, the two men we carry in the Middle Ages through well-crafted and catchy compositions. Their work is so close that it is impossible to attribute them to one or the other without looking at the cover, so beautiful unit that facilitates the immersion in this achievement. Probably not a masterpiece of the genre, or our players, it was anyway not the goal, but a nice split that should satisfy any fan of medieval music, enough to animate your long winter evenings close the fireplace with your lady or your gente valiant knight.


In reading reviews of albums and Maelifell Semper eadem, we tend to say that cooperation between the two should necessarily make something unique, original and particularly satisfying. Well it would be wrong. Even if the music offered on this split is not unpleasant, offering well-written medieval compositions, backed by percussion deaf very appropriate, using a wide range of instruments (including acoustic guitar) is Unfortunately, although everything we can find to say. No originality, nothing too personal not to sweat this split, and we still have a taste in the mouth of a waste, a missed opportunity, as if both groups had voluntarily put aside their specificities to reach a compromise is certainly satisfactory, but no more. Remains an album that perfectly accompany many parts of role playing fantasy, but which I think is insufficient to meet an attentive listener and passionate. We do not even really find the power generated atmospheres on "The Plague" and the whole side of the neo-classical album "Trees" is 100% absent. So here it is: in the end, a split pleasant, nice, but frankly indispensable.


This project combines a split parallel to Fin de Siècle Semper eadem, another group also officiating in the music "traditional" medieval, the compositions, instrumental, are interesting and catchy, but unfortunately served by recalling his early works sadly "synthetic" Sopor Aeternus of.


After an album End century that can not say enough good things, Stephan F. returns with his project on medieval Maelifell a split-cd with 6 tracks Semper eadem. 3 titles in each, both teams managed to put a medieval atmosphere festive and joyous music fair even more warlike (eve of battle). If the sound can sometimes surprise purified donnat one side with artificial and synthetic tracks, he nevertheless perfectly accompany your medieval evenings. Another success! Even if this time, we Cauldron offers something less innovative than Fin de Siècle. What is she talking to me again?


Careful never curb their boundless creativity, Stephan F. (Maelifell, Arden, Fin de Siècle, ...) and David Valle (Semper eadem, Lith, ...) 6 tracks on this offering the fruits of their shared passion for the most festive medieval folklore. There are well supported moultes cadences, and simple melodies and light designed to bring the outset of jubilation. If the set has some good ideas (many different samples, dark-folk and break surprising about "eve of battle", ...), it sometimes lacks a welcome touch of authenticity. The fault with this production probably a little low these keyboards and not always appropriate to the type of music played. It is true that medieval folk never takes many colors and size when it is played by genuine traditional instruments. The interpretation of the tune of "Homeland" by Stille Volk on its Pan Poc Domme "(cf. Their last album) offers a contrast in that eloquent. But do not spoil our fun too: this split-cd also contains some very good moments that fans will appreciate as they should. Recommended for ripailleurs more of you!

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