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Monday, March 28, 2011

Le Colibri Necrophile / Earsheltering / H.A.K. Lo-Fi RecordNecktar 2017 volume 3

What is Necktar 2017 ?

The set of themes of volume 3 is
Macro / Perception / Micro : Evolution.

A mere journey through time,
the great work of anachronistic alchemists,
the apiary of a network of precognitifs,
the magnetic murmur of a quantum flaw,
a vortex of antimatter annihilating all listeners' dogmas,
a dream above the Earth passing through the Unconscious,
a psychotropic meditation resetting the consciousness...

The spectrum of possibilities has been further expanded.

Difficult to define Necktar 2017,
while only the first cycle has been released.

Currently it is a compilation
of hors norme (not normal) music for free sharing,
articulated in several thematic episodes and cycles.

For know what it will be ultimately,
unless we can travel through time,
it won't be until 2017.



It's dedicated to the realities dreamer :
Peter (Sleazy) Christopherson.



To those who have contributed
to this Necktar by bringing their essence.
To those who have contributed to this Necktar
giving his meaning by listening.



This Volume 3 doesn't giving away itself,
this is not an easy journey.

Those who are not ready
will not know what they miss.

Those who will reach his extremitie,
will have no choice between :

forget that such travel can exist,

shudder, remembering that this is only a step,

or waiting to load the full first cycle

and then activate their random player.


Here is the full track listening.

001.Radio Scotvoid - Munroe
002.Cezary Gapik - #0432
003.Latki - Pulsar
004.MUTATE - Subsonic Temple
005.Night at Noon - Sayat Nova
006.Androvirus - SinJen
007.Carlos Ramirez - Hermetic 48
008.Wehwalt - Mécanisme et onde
009.Soliton - Wandering near and elsewhere
010.IP - Scritch scratch
011.Otto von Rhinau - Santa Klaus
012.Wehwalt - Variation immobile
013.Say 'Kiss Me' & .cut - A Hole In The Bathroom Wall (The Otherworld)
014.Androvirus - Ghost
015.Noise Club - The Closeness of Being
016.Ratbag - (deciding not to trust Humans for a period of three centuries)
017.Noise Research - Rotor R4
018.Somnambulists - Neptune's Trident
019.Androvirus - Mlokots
020.Say 'Kiss Me' - SH4 (tribpart2)
021.Topsy.Turvy.World by Madame B - Bad south
022.Parrhesia Sound System - Never Dawn Sever Night
023.La Flore Intestinale - Melissa The Professor's Daughter
024.Elypixa - Deathpiano17
025.Young Egypt - Pyramidmix1
026.Blackskull Whiteskull - Last Night
027.M.Nomized - Black Hole
028.Jack Hertz - Gitao
029.Dr. Strangelove - Untitled (Extrait - Live à CKUT)
030.Parrhesia Sound System - 23
031.Somnambulists - Numbers
032.Addamz and MaCu - Abyss (mastered)
033.Latki - NovemberB
034.Topsy.Turvy.World by Madame B - Her name was Sam
035.Clutter - iVolution track
036.Masters Of The Multiverse - Evolution
037.Ben Presto - (d) evolution
038.Latki - Dystonic
039.Ardleg - Pianoiz
041.A.n.K.h // (- Dead mind -) - R 34
042.Parrhesia Sound System - Wild Boar Hunt
043.Sigmund Stella Artois - Brauerei
044.Do You Believe In The Curse Of The Golden Vampire ? - Psychotrope Ou Psychopompe ?
045.M.Nomized - Infinite Voices
046.Gurdonark - Insight
047.Taner Tumkaya - Ruume
048.Ardleg VersuS OresteS - AVO MICRO
049.Ardleg VersuS OresteS - AVO MACRO
050.Ardleg & Soliton - Time in a desultory way
051.Thee Virginal Brides - That Red, Pyramid Thing
052.Telepathine - The coming of the strophariad
053.Mescalibur - Le mystérieux voyage de Mr Blackhole
054.New Republika Of Lazio - Parking Lot At Night
056.Yoshiwaku - Transmission Of Sour Stubb Soul From Piskos
058.RR - Microcampo
059.Telepathine - Manchukuo
060.Taner Tumkaya - Deleuze ruined my business
061.Ardleg - Neutrinoiz
062.Carlos Ramirez - Magnetic Fields
063.Ian Linter - Kan on
064.Anton Mobin - Dys-sections Optiques
065.Rivers Of Ashes - Back From Nowhere (Monochrome Mix)
066.Soliton - Beyond the bounds of vanishing
068.Montreal Nintendo Orkestar - The Third Galilean Moon Of Jupiter
069.Latki - NovemberA
070.IP - Norest
071.RR - Caida con los ojos abiertos
072.Planetaldol - Cannibal Gangband
073.Ultra Speicer - Ultra Speicer
074.Merankorii - Barbershop
075.MIKE MEANSTREETZ - forcedperspective@alltrendz.law
076.MICUSNULe - J'ai mangé tout les enfants pourris
077.Evariste Champion - Vielskaïa
078.MIKE MEANSTREETZ - 2 Images in Book
079.A.n.K.h // (- Dead mind -) - Entropies II
080.ZMG - The sect p1
081.A.n.K.h // (- Dead mind -) - Métamorphes II
082.Ayato versus Ghosts - Still looking for the exit (dub)
083.ZMG - The sect p2
084.Eric Boivin - Final Journey
085.Sylvain Duigou - Silice
086.Gas Anorex - L'instinct obscure
087.Tzii - Macro South
088.:such: - Tangiers 100
089.Kalendar -
091.MaCu & CEZAR - Underworld
092.:such: - Dajja Sixteen
093.Dawamesk - Wicca
094.FRANCE SAUVAGE - Désenvoûtement
095.kokori - Terror Attack
096.Tenshi no Tamago - Lacrimosa
097.Agent Orange - To be or not to be (William's Version)
098.p.o.q - Mechanical arachnid
099.Die Puppe - Elementary Star
100.p.o.q - Before the change (?)
101.Ben Presto - Micromégas
102.Madame B - This wall will fall
103.Virtraven Dream - Heartbreak Collector
104.Madame B - I'm the worst
105.Gas Anorex - Le mensonge du cygne
106.Virtraven Dream - Kill The Rats
107.M.Nomized - To Die (psycho mix)
108.Agent Orange - Dioxins Cocktail
109.Chat Ours - Télé loisirs
110.Chat Ours - Les vents
111.Adone Can Twist - Collapse


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