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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alan Morse Davies - It Is Glorious to Make Electricity for Socialism

Tracks 1, 3 and 4 are composed to some degree (although 3 is just mixing and processing three different sources), 2 and 5 are merely processed.

1 is based on a boat trip that I took from Venice to its airport, bongos replacing outboard motors.
2 is a slowed down field recording of pygmies.
3 is 2 different recordings of the same British folk song with the added spice of some backwards Indonesian folk song.
4 is a homage to an Icelandic composer, but using the storyline of a 1970s Dr. Who serial.
5 is the infamous suicide song written by Hungarian composer Rezső Seress, performed by Paul Whiteman and Johnny Hauser in 1936, I just slowed it down for added gloom.

For the tracks that are only processed, the only skills that I have used are imagination, taste and technology. I feel slightly apologetic about that, but if you could see all the music from the same process that I have discarded I believe that you might judge me more favourably.

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