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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maelifell-La Peste

Maelifell's only CDR released in 2002 by Cauldron Music. Dark medieval / industrial music.

Maelifell is one of the umpteenth draft of Stephen F. , The same man who with Fin de Siecle and Arden among others, robs us of medieval music, neoclassical and sometimes even from ambient martial. He is accompanied on this project recently by Eric-Laavardr, Project History, as a singer and violinist. A little less known than Fin de Siècle. Maelifell is the face of our medieval promising and talented friend. This mini album is certainly outdated, but since he has gone almost anonymously everywhere, I feel compelled to make up some info, even if my way of talking about this music may seem awkward and uneducated, too bad. ... I want to defend this project away from the hubbub industrial electro us like a virus is injected into our synapses (sifflotte whistles). Enrich yourself with this dark music and loaded with imagery and pain of the past.

Go make a little effort, ordered these gems, you'll have the perfect music for a banquet, you celebrate in the best conditions.



Being able to travel the listener in space and time is never easy, and yet it could be said that the essence of certain musical styles, especially currents using medieval collective imagination as is the case here with Maelifell. Well, one thing is certain, is that both gays lads behind this project (ie Stephen F., also a member of the project End of Century on the same label, and Xavier B) have this rare ability to carry everyone through appropriate instruments, a few notes of music and artistry of the conditioning, the atmosphere exciting and tortured in the Middle Ages in Europe. In this case, it would fall even more here in the darkest hours of that period who did not miss, judging by the album title: "The Plague". Small samples of carts traversing the streets emptied by evil divine pyres-eating contaminated body, morbid and dark moods at will, this album has a very impressive evocative power, reinforced by rhythmic worrying as harbingers of death and pain . The compositions mostly on keyboards (with sounds evoking either organs or bagpipes, flutes or discrete) contribute to impose an oppressive atmosphere like the air that had plagued reign in such circumstances. Here, everything is done to ensure that the auditor followed the two artists in their medieval insane trip up the arrangement of the succession of pieces: it starts to affect a piece's playful , lively, carrying a certain joie de vivre despite the difficult times. Then come gradually through the following 4 tracks from the ravages of fever, pain, grief, bereavement, religious ceremonies (piece 5) to finally reach the last piece that opens as it should be a sample from pyres but gradually develops a tone that, far from being happy, may suggest a return to life (including the bottom a small sample of bird whistling). This increase in the pieces is completely controlled, and fully contributes to this atmosphere that dominates the whole recital album. With "The Plague," who signs the last production of the group broke up in May 2004, Maelifell manages to make us go through a period where we may not know much, giving us the feeling to be really lived.


The opening backdrop of medieval music is no indication in any of the nightmares to come. We are quickly drawn into a macabre procession, a whirl of atrocities or marriage of samples and sounds and martial industrial we would almost feel the pain inflicted by the disease. Stephen F. known, however, dose effect, where others would cause trouble or dive into the ridiculousness of having done too much, he knows how to find the right tone and thus make her credible and authentic. Once again the character unfolds through his compositions his talent as a creator of atmospheres and strong images. The notes make up tables of the Cross of the wretched of the earth victims of a terrible scourge, the melodies write the novel of cities in agony Maelifell not proposing a soundtrack, more than that, because of its wealth he made "plague" the movie.
A mini album as a machine to travel through time for us to approach the suffering. Highly recommended listening will lead you to expect an album soon. Whether with or Maelifell Fin De Siecle, Stephen F. required by the quality of its work, no more for him than to receive the hearing worthy of his talent.

Brown Jenkin


Singular and interesting outing that it ... since in effect this mini album is a collection of pieces composed, with two exceptions, in 1999-2000. Stephen F., only contractor on this occasion reveals, once again, the wealth of creative talent. While early demos and the album 'Eternity' was more oriented sounds medieval neofolk 'The Plague' evolves on a much more martial music, darker and leads to experimentation in the career of this group. A parsimonious choice of samples, sound processing more 'industrial' than usual production make this a disc that is reminiscent of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. Apocalyptic atmosphere, a macabre march conducive to visual images where you'd see at any moment arise the spectrum of this terrible scourge. We let ourselves willingly led to the sound of drums and bells, a crackling fire harbinger of worse to the confines of a world ravaged by plague. A disc which, moreover, does not suffer from any weakness in the quality of its production.
In short, a work that deserves much wider recognition that what this portends output quasi-confidential ... A sure not to miss this mini-album of great quality that only increases the wait for the next album "Kings of this world"


Nathalie F.


After a short interlude in the company of lighter Semper eadem, Maelifell resumed his exploration of dark time with all the creativity we know it. Favoring a more experimental approach than in the past, he reveals this little booklet (18 min.) The most dark and tormented by his complex personality.
This time, the dark-folk is giving way to a medieval martial music, solemn and atmospheric wish; enhanced with samples and sounds apocalyptic industrial look the best. In a strikingly evocative power, each ground of this print as sulfurous recreated by his image as the agony of a world where everything is only weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Constantly redefining art since its inception, asserted Maelifell already on this second installment of the Inheritance series as a safe bet for a scene in dark-ambient French renaissance. We look forward to the album!

P. Coleau - 05/2002

Scar Culture

Maelifell is one of the (many) projects Stéphane F. (End of Century, among other things ...). These six titles, compound (for the most part) between 1999 and 2000 is a small gem of "martial music and medieval."
Producing a dark and haunting music, based primarily on "samples of gruesome scenes" and melodies that would haunt you mind a good while, Maelifell delivers 18 minutes of music both enjoyable and disturbing. The last song seems perfect for illustrating a scene of public execution (or other) in the Middle Ages.
This album is amazing for its originality and quality, this project seems to be far more or less in abeyance, however, an album is announced for a while. Hopefully it will soon be born and will be in line with this "plague". http://www.archive.org/download/Maelifell-La-Peste/Maelifell-La-Peste_64kb_mp3.zip

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