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Monday, January 31, 2011

Akashic Crow's Nest - Hawk of an Uncanny Nest

The tracks are created by first making a very long thin picture file that functions much like a piano roll, which is then fed into a software synthesizer which reads the picture from left to right, pixel by pixel, and translates the values into tones, adding variables such as loudness and panning based on information in the picture. The output is then treated to various digital effects such as delays and compression to give the final pieces a warmer, ambient quality.


833-45 - Rain 1

A long-form ambient work awash in subtle throbs and hypnotic crackle, this entrancing recording presents the 833-45 sound in a CD length journey through a more hidden auditory spectrum of aerial electronic phenomena.

K.M. Krebs has become a well-known and respected artist in the netlabel scene. As K.M. Krebs he recorded the classic "Halberd of Chemistry" (available at Fukk God Records), and as 833-45 he recorded "Solar Cycle 23" which is a popular release at Autoplate Records. He has several releases on Webbed Hand Records. Check out his numerous other netlabel and CD-R releases (both as K.M. Krebs and 833-45) in his discography at http://www.833-45.net/

About the album:
total length 01:08:35
Recorded and produced by K.M. Krebs in Spring 2007.
Cover art by K.M. Krebs.


Djinnestan - Kittenhead

Kittenhead is the latest long-form (CD-length) production by Djinnestan, departing significantly from the Rain series and Purr. In many ways, it defies easy categorization. It is very ambient, but contains rhythms. It is dark, yet at the same time whimsical. It includes acoustic instruments and vocals, but they have been processed virtually beyond recognition. Nonetheless it is a subtle and pleasant listen.

Djinnestan is an ambient recording project of C.P. McDill and Aria Nadii. The audio style of Djinnestan is a blend of heavily processed acoustic recordings and often obscure samples. It is a sound art "group" that formed in 2003 as a spin-off of C.P. McDill's Saluki Regicide, with a particular focus on tranquil and ethereal ambient textures. As of this release, the discography of Djinnestan amounts to eight releases, five of which are long-form (CD-length) ambient albums intended for play at low volumes, especially as one goes to sleep.


ATRAX MORGUE - Esthetik Of A Corpse video

thelema - self titled


yen pox - 7"

Side A - Deliver
Side B - Remove
Drone Records, 1998



1-the kidnapping of the sacred jewish whore
2-perverting the virgin (carnal punishment)
3-execution of the holy slut (tortured in extreme agony)
4-666 from chaos shall come the new order
5-reflections afterwards the apocalypse


Jack Hertz- Black Sunday

As oft throughout the year electro-music.com feasts on special occassions with a team of performers galore. And so they did on Halloween, be it a day later though, sunday october 31st. One of the sets of that evening was from Jack Hertz.
And Iâve been listening to it now for the last hour. There is but one thing missing in all this; images.
Then again, all you need to do is put this on your player and for a full hour youâll find yourself in a haunted story. One that happened on a black sunday! Jack features his quisp quake and tells a tale of horror.


Noise Research - shelter itch

1 - shelter itch - Noise Research
2 - evening swimmers remix - Chris Lynn and Noise Research
3 - movement towards soundtrack - Noise Research

http://electronicmusik.wordpress.com/ (Noise Research)
http://www.marblevenus.net/toc.htm (Chris Lynn)


RR - Hum

1 - silicone
2 - end
3 - noise-free_splices
4 - vuelta magnética
5 - ee
6 - e
7 - piece
8 - 1200 Ft

manipulation of magnetic tape loops with four broken tape recorders



Bruital Orgasme - Bon Appétit!!!

This is some very nice lo-fi noise and drone produced by Bruital Orgasme. It took quite a while to get this album up but now it's finally in the Dadaist Audio catalogue I wouldn't have it any other way. Bon Appétit!


... - Kind Of

'Kind Of'; a truly great work full of experimental clicks and cuts and the occasional loud outburst of noise. This is kind of a recommended download.


MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA - Anal Perversions video

Guttersnipe - Pulse Code

This is some very minimal type of music perfect for people who live a minimal type of life. No sweat though if you don't embrace yourself with the spiritual satisfaction of non-materialism, nobody is stopping your from downloading and listening to 'Pulse Code'; so do it.


Reve Steich - 'Stunning for 18 Miles'




Marc-Henri Arfeux - Loire Abstraction

Since the XVIth century, the river Loire has always been a poetic emblem in French culture and arts, for the beauty of its slow waters and landscapes. In the second part of the XXth century, the great painter Olivier Debré who lived on its banks often refered in his subtle abstract way to its moving lights and colours along seasons and hours.
This album expresses my own tribute to Olivier Debré and his Loire paintings I admire deeply, in the form of a symphonic poem for synthesizers and various electronic devices, divided into seven parts. Each one has a title Olivier Debré could have chosen and conveys into music an imaginary Loire vision he could have painted. Has the most feminine of the French rivers, music is a constant metamorphosis of miraculous unique instants in progress.

Marc-Henri Arfeux


ATRAX MORGUE - Childfucker

pernicious sovereign-Hong Kong Plainsongs For Daemons

Filled with all the usual hatred, this release of profound beauty and necrosports fills and creates gulfs in your mental state.

Designed to be listened to whilst walking in Hong Kong, pernicious sovereign's Hong Kong Plainsongs For Daemons is both a gift and a presumption.

Likely to lead to calls of "You fucking bastard!" and gifts of skin care products.

Made for the almost Hong Kong native, Kontoh, and for those he cares for.

To be listened to at extreme volume, in the quietest of places, or anywhere that feels, smells or sounds like Hong Kong.


Digital Mass- Complex Silence 11

Digital Mass, a mysterious ambient drone ensemble hearkening from the shores of Australia, have been regaling the internet with their many creations since 2010. This time, the Mass have crafted a massive drone, very deep, with subtle harmonics and washes of subdued noise.

NECROFILIA - Tumescenza video

:sinclair: - 0306

Like all of Ronny's music, "0306" studies the very essence of ambient music, the abstract and hypnotic drone that forms the foundation to all meditation and, some might argue, to all consciousness. "0306" indeed plumbs the depths of drone and texture, but feels somehow more active than Ronny's previous work, with slightly more structure and identifiable repeating motifs. Additionally, Ronny embraces tone more so in "0306" than in "Lordes", though of a very slow and patient sort. The result mesmerizes the listener thoroughly but adds a keen compositional edge that we find particularly satisfying.

But make no mistake: this music is fathomless, a textbook example of pure undiluted ambience. The listener who dares to experience the two full discs of music end to end will embark on a journey of spiraling contemplation, occasionally achieving states of quiet mind, but also encountering dark and somewhat melancholy places that border on the eerie. This is music that would serve just as well for mood alteration as it would for an art installation, or even as the soundtrack to a deeply psychological suspense film. Exquisite textural ambience with a strange and haunting beauty, from an artist clearly at the peak of his powers.

So we proudly unveil "0306", the sophomore Earth Mantra release by Ronny Jung. An album we strongly recommend to anyone who loves their ambient music detailed, dark, textural, and droney. We hope to hear much more from Ronny in the future.


monolyth and cobalt - La température du feuillage entre deux saisons

In this gorgeous ep La température du feuillage entre deux saisons the listener takes a trip through desolate landscapes, but always with insights on the beauty that lies within. Much like a flower blossoming amidst the burnt soil. These are probably not familiar grounds, but they are captivating due to their intrinsic beauty. Noise, feedback, strings, piano, drones, field recordings, silence all working to deliver a deep emotional experience. Another key highlight of the ep its the sonic diversity presented, from almost noise dark ambient into Durutti Column filigrees, and weeping strings, everything can happen, but an astonishing coherence is delivered. Breathe deeply and listen carefully for this is a great piece of music.

Leonardo Rosado

MORE DETAILS: http://feedbacklooplabel.blogspot.com


[mikra] - Attalla2

about itself and about the given two-hour material. Was born and live in the city of Minsk which is capital of last dictatorial state of Europe (at present) @ Belarus. To me 34 years. It is dissolved. There is a daughter who is called by Nastya, and its voice is on ATTALLA2. There is a girlfriend with whom I want to connect all remained life. Her name is Nadya – and is present its image on a cover to music. ATTALLA2 – very personal intimate (for me) work. In it I tell about myself, by means of the primitive computer and analog old Soviet synthesizers. I haven't dared to divide all sounding into separate parts as it is often accepted because then integrity of my history and the concept put in music would be broken. I can only advise – to perceive the given work as film viewing … a film about me, my life and my love.. Thanks for attention)))" -- Pavel [mikra]

Recorded by Pavel Rassolko [mikra]
in Belarus, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Master Toad & Pollux - Offer Their Souls

A Dark Ambient Split Between Master Toad and Pollux


Master Toad
1. I Stood Upon The Beach of Lost Souls
2. Dark Insects of the Catacomb
3. Frail Raft Through The Rivers of Hell
4. Unicorn Dreams

5. Black Hope
6. Blue Hope
7. Ghosts (Eternal Version)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Epsilon Eridani - I Remembered How We Recorded The Moon Landing Hoax In An Enormous Cave


Obscure Visions - Visions Of The Place That We Visited Before

Fabián Ramírez (México City, 1987) began producing at the age of 13. Also he has played his music in several parties of Mexico City. He runs his own netlabel, Heromlabs Records.


Marco Lucchi - The Structure of the Iki

Track List:

01 Iki 7
02 Iki Impro 1 (with Akemi Takeya)
03 Iki Impro 2 (with Akemi Takeya)
04 Iki Impro 3 (with Akemi Takeya)
05 Iki Impro 4 (with Mori Chieko)
06 Iki Impro 5
07 Iki Impro 6 (with Gina Berrett)
08 Iki Impro 7 (with Akemi Takeya)
09 The Iki (with Alex Cortex & Faune)
10 Iki 0

The first track, "Iki 7" is a live performance on piano by Marco Lucchi of the original Iki theme. Following this are numerous variants and interpretation performed by Lucchi and others.

"iki" is a japanese word that means detachment, grace, beauty, breath, life (and many other things...)

it is related to the geisha's world

when i read the book by Kuki Shuzo about the "iki" i found many relations to my thoughts and feelings

so i start to compose some tracks dedicated to the "structure of the iki", finding myself using old materials (weird tapes, piano sketches, turntables and even voice) i recorded many years ago when i first feel the wing of beauty and grace over me

then i put some of these tracks on my myspace page and contacted some artists to play with or to add original tracks

the final result is the fourth step of my "radure" project

--Marco Lucchi

About this album:
Total length - 01:04:27
Produced and recorded by Marco Lucchi
Marco Lucchi plays pianoforte & keyboards
Other credited contributors:
Akemi Takeya
Mori Chieko
Gina Berrett
Alex Cortex

Radure 4 is a multimedia presentation. To see many other contributions to the iki project, visit Marco Lucchi's iki web page:

Saluki Regicide - See Things

Saluki Regicide is a recording project of C.P. McDill. Webbed Hand Records' inaugural release was the Saluki Regicide album "Dematerialized" which along with five other releases are concentrated in the first dozen listings in our catalog. After a long dormancy, Saluki Regicide returns with "See Things," and the coming seasons look favorable for more creative output by this popular artist.

About the album:
total length 00:59:56
Recorded and produced by C.P. McDill in Summer 2007.
Cover art by C.P. McDill


Mystified - Through Sleep and Beyond

01 Peg Down
02 From the Gut
03 Gray Cloud
04 True History
05 Even at Rest
06 Darker Cloud
07 Heaving
08 Cosmic Event
09 Into the Ocean

Recorded & Produced by Thomas Park
December 2007
Cover design by CP McDill


Epsilon Eridani - La Marquesa EP


Cluster One - Deep Ambient Music EP


Obscure Visions - Spacetime EP

Fabián Ramírez (México City, 1987) began producing at the age of 13. Also he has played his music in several parties of Mexico City. He runs his own netlabel, Heromlabs Records.


Cult of the Hidden Nerve - The Metechanist

This concept album traverses the genres of IDM, Industrial and Dark Ambient, in the process exploring the journey of a man finding a sense of purpose in a dystopian world.

Recorded & Produced by Daniel Pitman
Adelaide, Australia, 2000

1. I fear the city (5:37)
2. So I run away (5:18)
3. The outside crushes me (storm-scape) (3:27)
4. But I am taken back (4:37)
5. I wait and wait until (3:23)
6. I am told of a paradise (5:03)
7. I travel across the desert (3:50)
8. To become wild and clean (2:47)
9. And return to save the world (6:30)


Cezary Gapik - Vol.44


The Musk-rat Cult - Mutatis Mutandis (Hidden Faces and Surreal Voices)

Description of Release: The title tells it all. Mutatid Mutandis (lat. "by changing those things which
need to be changed" [WIKIPEDIA]) is the new or rather the real beginning for The Musk-rat Cult. It's
dark, alarming, psychedelic, with a lot of unexpected moments.


01 Hidden Faces (731) (4:49)
02 FoetusInFoeto (4:02)
03 313 (1:07)
04 Muscae Volitantes (11:17)
05 Surreal Voices (1:29)

Malstrom - Deceptions


the Musk-rat Cult - The Last Mark of the Upcoming End

Description of Release: First full album by The Musk-rat Cult. A lot of people who listened to it
called it "a soundtrack to the non-existing dark, psychedelic movie" or "a soundtrack to the nightmare".


01 Lead your Plough through the Bones of the Dead (10:00)
02 The Monster (3:13)
03 The Cry of all Things that are Going to Die (12:32)


Brazzini - The Big Ear

Music and graphics by Massimo Brazzini.

Shit Devourer, Phantoms of the SS, Master Toad - Lost Beat (3 Way Split)

Myspace/Facebook/Twitter URL:http://www.myspace.com/shitdevourer, http://www.myspace.com/phantomsofthess, http://www.myspace.com/themastertoad

Title of Release: Lost Beat 3 Way Split

Release Year: 2010


Darkness And Silence - Aut Vincere Aut Mori

"Aut Vincere Aut Mori" is martial/dark ambient/drone music with atmosphere of World War II. Speeches of totalitarian leader, marches, atmosphere of desolation and overwhelming void. Album lasts for one hour and it's like echo from long forgotten past. For those who didn't listen to Darkness And Silence yet, we can tell that there are some similarities between D&S and swedish project Toroidh. It will describe in the best way sound samples, music and atmosphere. The major difference are drones made by D&S.

Tracks 8 and 9 are recorded in collaboration with Retro. Retro used samples from 'Tomhet' [Burzum] as base of these tracks.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vacio Perfecto | Pharmakustik - Meccanismorte

MECCANISMORTE is the ultimate aural effort by Esteban D'Ark (alias Vacio Perfecto from Spain) well known for his sombre electronica and Siegmar Fricke who works as Pharmakustik on aseptic sound-fields for many years.
With their computational tools both operators generated six necromechanical movements characterized by metascientific reductionism of simulated factory-ambiences and unpleasant machinistic repercussions embedded in a surrealistic fluxus of organic chemistry. Palpitating roto-propulsions from icy and morbid factory-halls offer new dimensions of neurophysiological sound-evidence in crystal-clear structure and loudness without mercy. MECCANISMORTE will be the final mortosis along the peripheral wall of psychic enclosure.

Vacio Perfecto: necrotic rotations, propulsive peristaltik
Pharmakustik: machinistic mortosis, montage visuel



Albireon - Naufraghi video

Shinobu Nemoto - Melting Loop Trip

Shinobu Nemoto is a sound-artist from Kanagawa, Japan. You might know "Summons of Shining Ruins", his solo-guitar project or "Dark Side of The Audio System ", a tape-loop-experiment. Under his real name Shinobu Nemoto mainly releases guitar-improvisations and field-recordings. He also runs the label "MOUFU-ROKUON" and did collaborations with Brain Grainger, Jason Adams and Danielle Demos.

"Melting Loop Trip" is a collection of sixteen loops, each loop between six and thirteen minutes long. Each loop is a beautiful analog picture. Very athmospheric, very warm and very, very meditative. You can fall back into a cloudy bed of hushed noises, shimmering melodies and wonderful echo-structures.

You can go ahead, pick your favorite loop and listen to it on repeat. Or you can listen to the complete release from track to track. In addition to Shinobu's musical output illustrator Kati Meden created an artwork-concept for the complete release as well as for every single loop based on her colour-alphabet.


Tzii-Androphallus Implosion

this is JM Charcot for 3patttes and earsheltering, we are happy to present a new net-production, this is Tzii, a full flavoured psychotic ambient soundtrack.


CD-R - Aspekt / Audience / Ascent

Back to Russia, where Nikita Golyshev (CD-R) and Evgeny Novikov performed an impressive live session (13/03/05, Moscow), which formed the building blocks of this quite experimental album.
The unique approach of this duo allows for the most distant elements to be combined in something that sounds at times like a (sur)real environment, and at other times more like a guitar thrown in a trash compactor (if you've enjoyed NTT014 - Universumix, you realise that this isn't necessarily a bad thing).
The intruiging thing is that their music effortlessly jumps from laidback electric guitardrones and field recordings to distorted walls of dark processed noises, without affecting the overall coherence of the album. The real beauty in this work though lies in the fine use of some very elusive electronic processions and recordings which blend perfectly into their gloomy canvas.
While CD-R has always been somewhat of a peculiar brand of its own, this album proves that their ability to find new aspects in music is very much underestimated. So hopefully, you will be convinced in the same way.



microbit project - dark dreams



fellerium - Concrete purgatory

First album of the Fellirium was recorded back in 2007 and originally released on Liminal Recs netlabel.
Dark ambient with industrial sounds and noise elements. Scary and troubled atmosphere of some old dark labyrinth of abandoned builings.
Album was released on Liminal Recs netlabel:

Visit official blog for more information about Fellirium, news, more music and contact with author:


Necrophonia - Six Points In The Circle

Necrophonia - Six Points In The Circle

01 - Constellations Of Water
02 - Dark Symbols In The Light
03 - Doors In The Nest
04 - You Have To See
05 - Impairment
06 - Hall To The Library
07 - Hogar Lejos del Hogar
08 - Abandoned


Dark Ambient



Sobria Ebrietas - Lapses

Bertrand Barbier is the man hiding behind this French project. Active since the late 90s Sobria Ebrietas already has an impressive number of releases. A compilatin of these releases is now being released via the ON-Mix Media label.

It's called 'Lapses'.
Kicking of with dark ambient soundscapes and noise elements, you feel immediately imprisoned. He's using noise waves to create a burdensome atmosphere. This dominates the album in a perfect way.
It's rather an intelligent form of Noise where the dark ambient contributes to this overall feel.

THE ZEN POTATO - Hi My Name is Leshna

Experimental ambient minimalism drone brought to you by the master Potato himself.


Various Artists - Evil Sinema vol. 1

Evil Sinema vol. 1 is the first in a series of themed compilations where artists write original pieces of music inspired by classic horror movies. The rules are simple: no cover songs, and no sampling of the movies in question.


Uitgezonderd - Burning giraffes at Sea

This ambient concept album crafted with piano and effected guitar bring to mind a melancholy film soundtrack.

"This album is a process of hours and hours of working without sleep. Isolated in a room, with just a laptop, guitar and piano. It can be seen as the melancholy of a bitter old man who will die in a few minutes. Enjoy!

...The work is open for interpretation, for me personal it's about a period in my life, I see it as the last minutes of recalling memories before the death of the person...

It's the second album made as "Uitgezonderd", first one, "Only the Lonely" was more drone/noise, and this style has evolved to the sound in this album." -- Jeffrey D. (Uitgezonderd)


Nasienie - Blackwood EP

Nasienie returns with an EP of finely produced ambient soundscapes.

Despite its brevity, this trio of ambient compositions seems to expand the experience of time itself.

"'Land and Sea' used a sample of "Land and Sea" by Halkyn. This one talking about some free folk.
'Insomnia' inspired by an original "Insomnia" movie (1997) and Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner. Pure ambient.
'Old Enough To Know Better' - kind of abstract hop, I guess." -- Nasienie

Russia, 2010.
Artwork by Andrey Kunin.

Track List:
01 Land and Sea [04:51]
02 Insomnia [03:09]
03 Old Enough To Know Better [02:19]


Jack Hertz, PHOBoS, Blue Hell - 'Gritty Transmutation (Dedicated to Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson)'

'the threshold of explosion does not accept any limit...'

-undRess Béton


Priori - The Glass Mirror

"Things outside you are projections of what's inside you, and what's inside you is a projection of what's outside. So when you step into the labyrinth outside you, at the same time you're stepping into the labyrinth inside."

taken from "Kafka on the shore" by Haruki Murakami


Priori, a producer from Louisiana, USA,
creates sounds of dense ambient and
minimal, keeping a unique sound of
discomfort sorely missed in this area
of music. The Glass Mirror was prepared
over the course of July-December 2010,
a collection of sounds, DSP, statics,
field recordings, awash with feelings of
discomfort, and reflection.