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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Horologium-Le Paradis Des Chasseurs-2008

01 horologium-following artemis victorious
02 horologium-faustus
03 horologium-heaven despised
04 horologium-towards the first circle
05 horologium-the great hunting
06 horologium-untitled
07 horologium-the chase
08 horologium-the contest never ends
09 horologium-de caceria en el paraíso


Vannvidd - Untitled video

Kreuzweg Ost – Iron Avantgarde

1. Re-Kapitulation 04:18
2. Ein Bild freudiger Lebensbejaung 07:31
3. Eduard Rüttelmeier 04:04
4. Oh no lo so, Magnifico 03:47
5. Stählerne Schwingen 03:47
6. Caki Voli 04:37
7. Kohlenklau 09:39
8. Der Feuersturm von Dresden 08:25
9. Du, Gefangene! 05:49
10. Donautaufe 09:11
11. Na Wostoke Nechewo Nowogo 04:10



01 - Lturmx
02 - Adtu
03 - Tmarmx
04 - Mormx
05 - Pllr
06 - Ins#1
07 - Ins#0


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michael Gendreau "55 Pas De La Ligne Au Nº3"


Kraai - Zona hadal video

Kerker - II video

Prosektor-Coma video

Lasse Marhaug "The Sky Above, The Bud Below"


Rune - cold fullmoon video

Vazhes - Seidr video

Timo Glock & Camoufia - Disorder video

Gas Shepherds "Untitled"


Utom Alla - Rok Forst video

Pulsefear - Under video

james plotkin-kurtlan


Drowning Shadows - Apocalyptic Foreboding (V0.2) video

Eric Cordier "Digitalis Purpurea"


Saluki Regicide - Tipperary video

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Mail-art collaboartion between CISFINITUM and MAAAA. This is a limited cassette rip. http://www.archive.org/download/CISFINITUMAAAA/CISFINITUMAAAA_vbr_mp3.zip

Heart of the Alta - Colors of Autumn 2010

Heart of the Altai

"Colors of Autumn" [2010]

1. Forty Pounds Centipede [23:34]
2. Urban Mushroomer [25:41]

Total time [49:18]

Mark Silinio - sovietic synths, theremin, noise, sound
Ilya Scherbakov - bass, sovietic guitar Ural, digital synth

Recorded: October 2010, "13 Elephants Records"


Heimatloser Kult - Trace Decay: Vol I

Absorption - S/t (2010)


Ego Ex Nihil -- Soundscape 9 video

EROS NECROPSIQUE - La scission déchirante d'une illusoire fusion video

Parrhesia Sound System-Night Of Pan [A-Side]

I walked all along the day,
it was inevitable that the night comes.

Thanks to Christine Hardy, Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo, Arthur Honegger, Berthold Bartosch, Edouard Artemiev, Johann Sebastian Bach, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Henry Purcell, AndreI Tarkovski, S.B, Morne.

Official website (in french) http://morne.free.fr/parrhesiasoundsystem/index.html

Enhanced Video Experience.






Techno Animal - The Disciples of Dark v ideo

Imperial Wizard - Ghosts of Gravestar (complete demo) video

Valerio Orlandini - LentoVeloce Propagare D'Abissi

Valerio Orlandini's first album for the Petcord netlabel, LentoVeloce Propagare D'Abissi, creates
a huge cavernous space of eerie drones with a constantly unsettled atmosphere as the tune progresses to the abyss hidden in the grainy dust. A distant machinery of an industrial mindscape, recurring elements see constant transformation without losing momentum in a virtual scenery. The abyss
approaches as a silently swallowing black. Only after the grainy dust has settled more details start to
show up and the final minutes turn to hours, days, weeks and years as the space-time continuum is bent and stretched by gravity. Before the curvature of the remains of light fades away on a shrinking horizon dreamy sound patches are floating by, before the darkness eventually will take over.


Onryo-the black castle rises from the shadow of our master's grave

The debut album from Onryo. Influenced by the inevitable downfall of humanity. Onryo seamlessly blends styles to create a soundtrack for the damned. A unique world filled with demons and fueled by horror, lust, and sorrow. An extravagant journey of the mind and soul, for those brave enough to enter it.


Friday, July 8, 2011

h.e.r.r. & der arbeiter & storm of capricorn & ghosts of breslau - hopes die in winter (2005)

01 - H.E.R.R. - Hopes Die in Winter
02- H.E.R.R. - Fifteen Tokens0
3 - H.E.R.R. - Fruhlings Erwachen
04 - Der Arbeiter - La Virgen de los Hielos
05 - Der Arbeiter - Lichtgeburt
06 - Der Arbeiter - El Hijo del Viudo0
7 - Storm of Capricorn - Un Dernier Exode0
8 - Storm of Capricorn - Un Dernier Refuge
09 - Storm of Capricorn - Un Dernier Suffle
10 - Ghosts of Breslau - Train in the Fog
11 - Ghosts of Breslau - Dig Your Own Graves
12 - Ghosts of Breslau - Lullaby
13 - Ghosts of Breslau - The Beauty and the Nightmare


GENOCIDE ORGAN - I´m with you all days (NEW VIDEOCLIP)

Lucas Darklord-Love Love Love

The first in Lucas Darklord's series of Dark Corporate Cassette Appropriation, Love Love Love is provided here as a free high quality download.

Full bandwidth versions are available on cassette, with one original appropriated version, and eight 'copies' of the original.
Visit http://corporatemanifestations.com for further details.

On cassette, Love Love Love is presented as Side A - (Staff Who Will Help Deliver Prosperity), and Side B - Contacts List Full of Rich and Powerful People Parts 1 to 5.

Lucas Darklord's Love Love Love is the 61st (sixty first) release on the futuristic virtual record label, Crypt Designers Guild.

Music for everyone.

Listen in darkness, at an engulfing volume, with minimal external distractions.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Iroha & Fragment. - Bittersweet [2010]

1. Wish Upon a Star - [5:55]
2. Something's Got to Give - [5:51]

Iroha & Fragment.
3. Bittersweet - [7:12]

4. Turning Around - [9:35]
5. Carved in the Sun - [6:59]
6. Bittersweet (IF rmx.) - [8:04]


Déficit Des Années Antérieures (DDAA) - Untitled.wmv video

Un Département - Untitled .wmv video

VIVENZA - Idéologie Et Force De Travail ..wmv video

pacific 231 & vox populi! - alienation video

Vivenza - Aérobruitisme Dynamique video

Sagittarius - Songs From The Ivory Tower

01. Nihil arisen0
2. Du Stehst am alten Gartentor0
3. Der Sommer, den die Erntezeit Gekrönt
04. Die Nächtlichen Geschicke
05. An des Meeres Strand
06. Trunkene Flut
07. Das Lied
08. Der gute Kamerad
09. Menuet von Johann Krieger
10. Cupio dissolvi11. Sternwandel V
12. Nova apocalypsis
13. Europa calling
14. In signo solis
15. The song (bonustrack)


K2 - Autopsy Soundtrakks

01. Autopsy Soundtrakk #1 (13:42)
02. Autopsy Soundtrakk #2 (17:34)
03. Autopsy Soundtrakk #3 (13:32)
04. Autopsy Soundtrakk #4 (17:27)


The Large - Вода (Water)

The third The Large work in DNA Production catalogue continues with psychedelic worlds created by Finnish maestro.
The same melancholic and introversive looped sound constructions are inserted in unevenly pulsating claustrophobic ambient spaces. Spaces where sound winds were caught and locked. The winds which cast in your face sometimes heap of rustling noises, sometimes scraps of somebody's conversation...

All artworks were made by Insomnia93.


Der Arbeiter - Reflejos del Sol

1/Eterno amor
2/Una palabra tuya
3/Entre las ruinas
4/Reflejos del sol
9/Haunebu !
10/Llamamos a tus lobos


J Orphic - Sulla Terra

J Orphic, dark minimalist and ambient sound project, was created and developed by Jeron since 2005 and was born in Milan, with its fog.
The project is a mixture of unknown voices and minimalist sounds from the World.
Always fascinated from whispering voices and minimalist sounds of the night, finally Jeron decides to transform them in CD format and share it with everybody is able to feel it.
The generated atmospshere have been produced with syntethical sounds and live recordings with the goal to transmit sweet melancholy and deep reflections.


ANTIchildLEAGUE - Father's Tarantulla video

Jason Crumer - Perfect Comfort video

The Grey Wolves & Macronympha - Assassin of the future video

predella avant- st


K-fon - Mental Landscapes



PSI - Bezdna Detstva



Temple Of Tiermes - Opiat-Istar video

Temple Of Tiermes - Dagon video

Sagittarius - Die große Marina

01 - Zitat I
02 - Erio
03 - Die große Marina
04 - Des Frühjahrs narrende Zecher
05 - Campagna
06 - Wenn der Spleen regierte
07 - Zitat II
08 - Totentanz auf Köppelsbleek
09 - Sunmyra
10 - Lieber einsam mit dem Freien fallen
11 - Erio (Reprise)


Graffiti Mechanism-Onom


inSOMAnic Vs. Turmoil-Dead Souls

A collaboration between inSOMAnic And Turmoil done over the internet.


turmoil-manipulation of sound

Early recordings from 1998 using 4-track recorder.