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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cold Cluster / Gerstein - Bipolar / Wring The Wrist

COLD CLUSTER “Bipolar”, 2005
This album was conceived in separate sessions by using
different kinds of electronic equipment and its tracks were
never really meant to be part of a concept record, they were
conceived more likely as individual pieces. After my former compact disc “The Third Secret” (Afe Records, 2002), I had to face a quite controversial period in my life. For different mouths I had a changing behaviour in facing emotions.
This situation has never been explained in terms of the
effects it still has on my creative process…
I had to cope with several problems while recording these tracks, due to the fact that I’m not very keen in using
computers for the recording activity. All tracks were created by playing my synthesisers without relying on computer’s programs, until the very final master. Besides that, I felt uncomfortable with some other aspects of my life in general, there was a kind of murk...
Explanation shows the inner side of my perception, with
stark visions of love driving to solipsism, while Pink Psychotropes deals with a kaleidoscope of feelings and
situations… The laziness of staying in bed while time
goes by, sicknesses and drugs abuse, fanciable people, a deaf and fanciful grandmother talking by the telephone, a juvenile nihilist, a black teenager whose mirror is black!?
Varying physical effects, analogue and digital synthesis, happiness and sorrow, caffeine driven actions and sedated dreams ;-).
This is what “Bipolar” is about.
The closing version of Explanation is performed by the Scenic Overlook (ex Mystery Harbour) who asked me to collaborate with them for their forthcoming album and ended up by recording their own interpretation of this track of mine that I happened to like more than all the others…
Carlo/ Cold Cluster,
Sept 2005

GERSTEIN “Wring The Wrist”, 2005
After a couple of years after the 1991-2001 compilation titled "Here comes sickness" Gerstein is back with eight new tracks and with a new musical style.
Being influenced by electronic music but keeping his experimental spirit always alive, Gerstein split the CD in two parts: "Love side" and "Riot side".
The natural question, at this point, could be:
" a love side without a hate side"?
Yes, because I think that hate as a feeling isn't that useful.
Riot, instead, means action and this is more useful than a destructive feeling like " hate" is. Musically the first four tracks are a little more pop than usual but I think that melodically they aren't mellow or weak.
Riot side see the experimental side at its best with a track based on melody ("Fury's eyes“) but with a dark feeling.
The following tracks "Here comes sickness" and "Endless riot (at Diaz school)” are based on electronic sounds but with a soundtrack structure while the closing " Like an alien" is more ambient i.d.m. based. A new step into the different musical sides of Gerstein's personality.
The CD sees also the come back of Purity Records afer eight years.
Please note also the Do It Yourself attitude that Gerstein always embraced.


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