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Monday, March 14, 2011

VA - Reaping Time - A Tribute To Death In June

Track listing:

A1 Sulphureous Church - Heilige Tod!
A2 Ermeneuma - Nothing Changes
A3 Gerstein - All Alone In Her Nirvana
A4 Futhark - Little Black Angel
A5 Lady Domino - Blood Victory
A6 Pervas Nefandum - We Are The Lust
A7 Nekromantik - The Guilty Have No Past
A8 Teatro Satanico - E' Un Sogno
B1 Runes Order - Last Farewell
B2 Tombstone - Bring In The Night
B3 Xilema - Death Of The West
B4 Dawn Fades - Fields Of Rape
B5 Desire - Death Of A Man
B6 The Humanoid Army - Rule Again
B7 Nobody - The Wall Of Sacrifice


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