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Friday, March 11, 2011

va - noisenet -vol1-intern. double c60 cassette comp (noise-taiwan 1995)

Track listing:

Side One
A1 Poo Poo Bomb - Bel-Phegor [Live At Fuzzyland]
A2 Taint - Stuff Her Full Of Razorblades
A3 Thirdorgan - Yagamania Part 5
A4 Hex Minora - Remorseless
A5 Herb Mullin - Weak & Wild
A6 Hassni - Let Me Be Your Colon
Side Two
B1 Futile Existence - Disclosure Of Torment
B2 Futile Existence - Ad Libitum
B3 Futile Existence - Religious Chastity
B4 Synapscape - Get Smiled
B5 Bastard Noise - Terror In The Sky
B6 Bastard Noise - K-9 Cosmonaut
B7 Cock E.S.P. - Danny's Ass
B8 Illuminated 666 - ???????
B9 Bizarre Uproar - Untitled
B10 Estro Assente - Sonic Disorder
Side Three
C1 Cathedra - Servulus
C2 Noit - Guezarnimen 2
C3 Cathedra - Lex Mon Scripta
C4 E.C.I. Machinery - The Carrie Fisher Song
C5 dROME - Innoculate
Side Four
D1 The Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs - By Opening The Petals You Have The Explosion
D2 XCR - The Fight
D3 The Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs - Joyful Promise To The Beast 666
D4 Heat - Entelekia
D5 X4U - Simulation 1
D6 Stigma - Long-Term Effect
D7 X4U - X-Day



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