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Monday, March 14, 2011

v.a.-Nightmare begins at 6am-(intern.comp. tape c60Joukkomurha prods-1993-finland)

Track listing:

a02-LORD LITTER-freak
a03-ELETTRO ALPHA-horror`s miracle
a04-PIGPILE-freak show
a05-PIGPILE-empty vessels
a07-ETAT DES STOCKS-cymballium
a08-EPA NYYRO-horror mind1
a09-EPA NYRRO-horror mind 2
a10-THE BLUBBERHEADS-a real good boy
a11-JOE SHMOE-i suing the world
a12-ETAT DES STOCKS-falling stars
b01-ELETTRO ALPHA-another side of my sensitiviness
b02-ETAT DES STOCKS-work till you die
b03-GRUNT-fear factory-total confusion
b04-ANGELKILL-and freaks were their name
b05-HYPNOSPACE-post sleep nightmare
b06-ELETTRO ALPHA-silva barsi recites a pabla neruda's poetry
b07-ELETTRO ALPHA-cut my nail


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