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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


malfunction://ouroboros is an EP derived from a performance work I developed and perform as Senster. I'm making a strictly limited run of 12" Vinyl EPs to sell as an artifact -- but giving it away digitally under a creative commons license.

I currently make soundscapes of drone/dark ambient, deep environment music using a collage of natural and processed samples from private recordings and binaural field recordings to tell a story about a fabled world not entirely unlike what our own might be after an interregnum following global collapse. What you hear is all natural sounds no synthetic sounds were used -- just a lot of processing using Plogue Bidule, a few granular synthesis tools and some custom tools written using max:msp and Supercollider.

When playing live, I introduce a lot of subsonics and odd densely-packed microtones to create certain effects so this won't work through small computer speakers or iPod earbuds. The MP3s here are reasonable, 1st gen live mixes and correctly EQed for home listening.

Here are five tracks plus an extra track that sits outside the main compositional arc (but it is associated and returns to a few narrative themes found in the other pieces). This is just me. Released this Solstice past.

I hope you like the journey.

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