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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Salakapakka Sound System-Buddha Machines On Fire

"Buddha machines on fire", made by Salakapakka Sound System, uses FM3 Buddha machine, various other Buddhist loop jukeboxes and various other sources as material. You can find loop players for sale at Buddhist temples around Asia. FM3 is Chinese based ambient duo who released their own version of loop jukebox.

First track on "Buddha machines on fire" CD-R is called Synteettinen munkki 1 (synthetic monk). Name is a word play. In Finnish language word munkki means monk and doughnut, it is also used as a slangy word meaning female breast. Both Synteettinen munkki 1 and 2 are basically looping and synthesizer improvisations. Both have been slightly edited (about minute cut off from the middle) and eq´d. No other post-processing made. Expect no beats or catchy melodies. This is slowly evolving stuff with pulsing synth and Buddhist chanting loops (reminds me a bit of early 70´s electric music - hence the name synthetic monk).

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