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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Razing Darkness - Terraform EP

It's evident that we are exploring planetary territories through alien droid transmissions. Headphones are recommended if you prefer to maximize the dizzying array of stereo panning and acoustic mindfuck. This is the soundtrack that alludes to machine vs. Mother Nature. Imagine a large space craft ripping apart a desolate lunarscape to build towering monoliths of steel. This dark ambient release really foretells a future of mechanized suffering. Most of Terraform has a very narrative and filmic quality. --- Furthernoise.org


1. Gravity Damage (6:56)
2. Terraform (7:46)
3. Answered with Static (4:06)
4. Dogstar (4:52)

Total runtime = (23:40)

Razing Darkness is Jason Danielson.

Recorded at Black Galaxy October 2005 - April 2006.

This release was originally designed for a mini 3" CD package. Feel free to make your own.

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