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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fabio Keiner - Abstract Cello

The latest work from Austrian sound artist Fabio Keiner explores rather dark territories. "Abstract Cello" utilises dense tone clusters of blurry string sounds to expose the listener to feelings of discomfort. Drawn into a cavernous space, structures get lost with increasing distance, leaving only the memories of their origins. The eight parts of the album thoroughly investigate their chromatic movements along the tone scale, hunted by high and lows without reaching any kind of closure. Everything seems to persist as a shadow of a doubt that was not meant to be. In "Abstract Cello", Fabio Keiner not just investigates the timbre of a string instrument, but rather reconstructs its context in an implausible way by inviting to a journey into one's locked up inner secrets that are usually kept away from the public eye.

Olliver Wichmann


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