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Saturday, January 8, 2011

n0x3o - Vaculo album

Following the ways of the unconciousness, VACULO brings with the suggestion of an astronomic trip.

In a bit more than fifty minutes, with almost no pause, the listener is taken to an atmosphere of feelings in constant mutation, reaching extremities: from serenity to desperation, from solitude to anger; sometimes in the same track.

Inhaled in dreams, polluted sun's dawn, paraffin and copper, this third work comes in loaded with atmospheric sounds, mostly influenced by the molds of progressive, ambient and minimal music.

Incidental music speaking: VACULO composes the soundtrack to a short movie: "Escuridão" [translates as "Darkness"], the resulting documentary of a workshop produced by Juca Mencacci, through Oficina Cultural Regional "Grande Otelo" ["Grande Otelo" Regional Cultural Workshop], in Sorocaba city [SP, Brazil].

VACULO also brings the vocal participation of Quitéria Maria and poems of Marcelo Domingues.


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