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Monday, January 31, 2011

Marc-Henri Arfeux - Loire Abstraction

Since the XVIth century, the river Loire has always been a poetic emblem in French culture and arts, for the beauty of its slow waters and landscapes. In the second part of the XXth century, the great painter Olivier Debré who lived on its banks often refered in his subtle abstract way to its moving lights and colours along seasons and hours.
This album expresses my own tribute to Olivier Debré and his Loire paintings I admire deeply, in the form of a symphonic poem for synthesizers and various electronic devices, divided into seven parts. Each one has a title Olivier Debré could have chosen and conveys into music an imaginary Loire vision he could have painted. Has the most feminine of the French rivers, music is a constant metamorphosis of miraculous unique instants in progress.

Marc-Henri Arfeux


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