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Monday, January 31, 2011

:sinclair: - 0306

Like all of Ronny's music, "0306" studies the very essence of ambient music, the abstract and hypnotic drone that forms the foundation to all meditation and, some might argue, to all consciousness. "0306" indeed plumbs the depths of drone and texture, but feels somehow more active than Ronny's previous work, with slightly more structure and identifiable repeating motifs. Additionally, Ronny embraces tone more so in "0306" than in "Lordes", though of a very slow and patient sort. The result mesmerizes the listener thoroughly but adds a keen compositional edge that we find particularly satisfying.

But make no mistake: this music is fathomless, a textbook example of pure undiluted ambience. The listener who dares to experience the two full discs of music end to end will embark on a journey of spiraling contemplation, occasionally achieving states of quiet mind, but also encountering dark and somewhat melancholy places that border on the eerie. This is music that would serve just as well for mood alteration as it would for an art installation, or even as the soundtrack to a deeply psychological suspense film. Exquisite textural ambience with a strange and haunting beauty, from an artist clearly at the peak of his powers.

So we proudly unveil "0306", the sophomore Earth Mantra release by Ronny Jung. An album we strongly recommend to anyone who loves their ambient music detailed, dark, textural, and droney. We hope to hear much more from Ronny in the future.


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