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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ananta - Live On Rainy Days

"This music originated instinctively as I was sitting and watching the rain for many days. It was a heavy weather outside as dark clouds covered the sky and the sounds of rain made the rest of usual city sounds unhearable. Such weather has always made me think that there is a drone sound somewhere among the puring water. So I just started to play a single drone. And then I started improvising, to make my music correspond with the rain. And so this music (became) one with the rain. It should be listened to while there is rain falling. Then and only then that subtle feeling of oneirism will be created."-- Ananta.

Treetrunk is very pleased with this release, feeling that its creation methods and compositional elements make it fit right in with the label. We hope you enjoy the music as we have.


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