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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CD-R - Aspekt / Audience / Ascent

Back to Russia, where Nikita Golyshev (CD-R) and Evgeny Novikov performed an impressive live session (13/03/05, Moscow), which formed the building blocks of this quite experimental album.
The unique approach of this duo allows for the most distant elements to be combined in something that sounds at times like a (sur)real environment, and at other times more like a guitar thrown in a trash compactor (if you've enjoyed NTT014 - Universumix, you realise that this isn't necessarily a bad thing).
The intruiging thing is that their music effortlessly jumps from laidback electric guitardrones and field recordings to distorted walls of dark processed noises, without affecting the overall coherence of the album. The real beauty in this work though lies in the fine use of some very elusive electronic processions and recordings which blend perfectly into their gloomy canvas.
While CD-R has always been somewhat of a peculiar brand of its own, this album proves that their ability to find new aspects in music is very much underestimated. So hopefully, you will be convinced in the same way.



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