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Monday, January 24, 2011

Audio Gourmet - Defying Science

Dark ambient, drone, musique concrete, field recordings, and orchestrated noise are all descriptions which easily fit this collection of quiet yet deep mood pieces. This is the third album on Webbed Hand by Audio Gourmet.

The track order:
01 Inner Monologue
02 Zephirus
03 Arcane Truth
04 Ancient Paean
05 Magnetic Implosion
06 Relic
07 Circa 1812
08 Sumerian Empire
09 An Uncertain Moment
10 Lament For An Extinct Species
11 Hollow Endeavour
12 Birth Of A Planet
13 Tomorrow's Memory
14 Cries Of The Forlorn Machines
15 The Unseen Species

Recorded and Produced by H. Towell


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