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Monday, January 31, 2011

monolyth and cobalt - La température du feuillage entre deux saisons

In this gorgeous ep La température du feuillage entre deux saisons the listener takes a trip through desolate landscapes, but always with insights on the beauty that lies within. Much like a flower blossoming amidst the burnt soil. These are probably not familiar grounds, but they are captivating due to their intrinsic beauty. Noise, feedback, strings, piano, drones, field recordings, silence all working to deliver a deep emotional experience. Another key highlight of the ep its the sonic diversity presented, from almost noise dark ambient into Durutti Column filigrees, and weeping strings, everything can happen, but an astonishing coherence is delivered. Breathe deeply and listen carefully for this is a great piece of music.

Leonardo Rosado

MORE DETAILS: http://feedbacklooplabel.blogspot.com


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