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Monday, January 31, 2011

[mikra] - Attalla2

about itself and about the given two-hour material. Was born and live in the city of Minsk which is capital of last dictatorial state of Europe (at present) @ Belarus. To me 34 years. It is dissolved. There is a daughter who is called by Nastya, and its voice is on ATTALLA2. There is a girlfriend with whom I want to connect all remained life. Her name is Nadya – and is present its image on a cover to music. ATTALLA2 – very personal intimate (for me) work. In it I tell about myself, by means of the primitive computer and analog old Soviet synthesizers. I haven't dared to divide all sounding into separate parts as it is often accepted because then integrity of my history and the concept put in music would be broken. I can only advise – to perceive the given work as film viewing … a film about me, my life and my love.. Thanks for attention)))" -- Pavel [mikra]

Recorded by Pavel Rassolko [mikra]
in Belarus, 2011

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