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Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowman Lost His Head - Monster

Alan Florit's project Snowman Lost His Head has recorded a collection of deep moodscapes called "Monster." These compositions are a reverie on the human condition, as illustrated in abstract sounds.

Snowman Lost His Head is Alan Florit
All Tracks Recorded & Produced by Alan Florit
2007-2008, Menorca

01 Prelude
02 Johan
03 Interlude I
04 Has vist que gran s'esta fent el monstre que duim a dins
05 Interlude II
06 Habitacio 101
07 Kinderheim
08 Epilogue

Alan Florit, a citizen of Menorca, is part of the musical collective Sinevara. SLHH is an experimental electronic music project exploring a variety of concepts. "Monster" is a sequel to "The Dharma Project" (released on Modisti), shining a light on "the human being, the emotions and feelings that we have and our humanity that we are losing in the last times."


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