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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vacio Perfecto | Pharmakustik - Meccanismorte

MECCANISMORTE is the ultimate aural effort by Esteban D'Ark (alias Vacio Perfecto from Spain) well known for his sombre electronica and Siegmar Fricke who works as Pharmakustik on aseptic sound-fields for many years.
With their computational tools both operators generated six necromechanical movements characterized by metascientific reductionism of simulated factory-ambiences and unpleasant machinistic repercussions embedded in a surrealistic fluxus of organic chemistry. Palpitating roto-propulsions from icy and morbid factory-halls offer new dimensions of neurophysiological sound-evidence in crystal-clear structure and loudness without mercy. MECCANISMORTE will be the final mortosis along the peripheral wall of psychic enclosure.

Vacio Perfecto: necrotic rotations, propulsive peristaltik
Pharmakustik: machinistic mortosis, montage visuel



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