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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Dead Hours - Dead Girl's Waltz

"Authentic masterpieces are the title-track and "And Thou Art Dead As Young As Fair". An excellent and innovative musical taste that surfaces immediately from the very first notes, and a visionary art that captures and inebriates, a fascination that does not vanish to the first lights of dawn. Flares that must be followed in the future too..." - Francesco Gentile - twilight-zone.it

"Certainly a special and succeeded album, with a nice mixture of ambient and classical sounds. Perhaps a release on Cold Meat in the future?" - Funprox

"Concluding, I can only say that people who like ambient, filmish and dark, haunting and slightly twisted, will love this album. If you're not into that kind of music, I can imagine this will be quite hard to get into. It is not a disc to play in the background, it should be listened to with attention." - Stefan Koopmanschap, electronicmusicworld.com

Full reviews: http://kallistigold.50webs.com/artists/thedeadhours.html


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