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Monday, January 24, 2011

Materia Confusa - Tales of Adventure

Materia Confusa returns to Webbed Hand with another pair of Musique Concrete compositions inspired, as the title implies, by the adventures that excited earlier generations of youth.

"Tales of Adventure is comprised of two tracks, each its own unique tableau. Track one, Nautilus, finds its inspiration in the voyages of Captain Nemo and his vessel the Nautilus as told by Jules Verne. The second track, Deadeye, comes from the distinctive visions of the Wild West as seen through the lens of the Spaghetti Western. Both pieces hold true to the tradition of Musique Concrete and are assembled from entirely acoustic source material."
-- Materia Confusa

01 Nautilus [00:09:00]
02 Deadeye [00:05:52]

Recorded & Mixed 2007-08
Collage by Monica Rene Rochester
Released concurrently as Sonance 003

Jewel Case art layout by Materia Confusa
Includes optional cover art for 3" minidisk.


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