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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zieltogend / Wolfsduister - Naghtschimmen

It was inevitable: Zieltogend and Wolfsduister have teamed up again. Both claim to be influenced by each other, so it was only a matter of time before these two Dutchmen joined forces once more.

Zieltogend’s method of action is to remix someone else’s material down to its essential, hypnotic core. And this is exactly what [empty] did: he transformed the Wolfsduister song ‘6’ (from ‘Satanisch Pt.I’) into something possibly more creepy than the original ritual.

Erghal on the other hand took it upon himself to create an entirely new track. And how exquisitely gripping it has become! We at Okkulth dare say that this is the best Wolfsduister track to have appeared in months. We can only hope that Erghal will pursue this direction and become a regular Zieltogend collaborator. For this seems like a match made in the darkest and emptiest pits of hell. Anyone who has heard their remarkable remixes of Stirner material on ‘Toon 2’ knows what we’re talking about here.

“Ritualistic minimalistic”


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