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Monday, December 27, 2010

Jon 7 & Vanilla Sandro-Divided States/Territory

Close your eyes. Think for a moment of the most forlorn place you have ever visited and imagine what sounds the winds and the skies make, as they realize that they are as trapped in the scene as you feel by just observing it.

From the respctive labs of Jon 7 and Vanilla Sandro come these two dark explorations into forbidding areas. The first, "Divided States", paints a picture of a country isolated from the rest of the world for a decade, whose iron curtain has only recently collapsed, allowing entry by only the most fearless of travellers, a country in which a vast and protracted cultural and idealogical war has been taking place, with no side as the winner.

The second, "Territory", paints the picture of a land, rarely explored by man, as if forbidden, intimidating to venture into, but rewarding the explorer with a display of dark vistas that speak of the beauty of isolation, leaving the explorer feeling more whole for having travelled there.

This release will be added to the jon7.net website soon, ( www.jon7.net and also clips will be made available on the jon7.net microlabel myspace page. Jon7.net Microlabel on Myspace


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