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Sunday, December 26, 2010

WRTH-AI - Life Expectancy

"Monday night is the night when people put their garbage out on the street for the men to take away on Tuesday morning. Every week we scavange through the garbage of the Glebe neighborhood of Ottawa. Picking through our neighbor's garbage has two primary purposes, 1) it yields amusing information pertaining to the people of the area - 2) it yields objects of vaule which we make use of in our projects and lives. At the point of this writing we have found: several original paintings, an art portfolio, a coffee table, two sets of shelves, working lamps, high school yearbooks (some dating from the 1940's) scores of magazines and books, portable cassette players, a number of audio-cassettes and compact discs, computer disks, scores of computer components, televisions, VCRs, a first aid kit, and a working desktop audio system."


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