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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ambre & Mark Spybey - Sfumato CD

This disc is the first of the Hushush Threesome three CD series that will see Mark Spybey, Mick Harris (Scorn, Lull, Painkiller etc.) and Ambre collaborate successively together. The album has been recorded during an epic two weeks session at lAuberge de la Mouette Rieuse on the North Sea shore in De Haan (Belgium) in September 1999 by Ambre with tapes provided by the English artist Mark Spybey. well known as ex-member of Zoviet*France, Download (along with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy) and SPASM.

While Ambres other side projects such as Torsion and Axiome are more focused on distorted industrial chaos, this collaboration with Mark Spybey is exploring the universes of electro-acoustic, ambient music and minimal electronic. Its giving the listener the opportunity to discover a very singular world made out of random jazzy samples and very touching harmonies. The result is very well organized but as none of the members of this collaboration are well behaved, this disc is giving you the chance the get many surprises even if you are already familiar with the former productions on the two entities. We hope at Hushush that many of the new ways explored here are going to give birth to new projects.

Ambre (Belgium / Canada / Netherlands)

Ambre is one of the several projects conducted by the influential Belgian artists John N. Sellekaers (Xingu Hill, Torsion, Snog, Internal, Urawa), C-drík (Axiome, Crno Klank) and Olivier Moreau (Imminent Starvation, Torsion, Axiome, Delta Files, Urawa). Ambre, their isolationist, ambient industrial project had their first disc "Enclave" unanimously acclaimed. (Published on the famous German label Ant-Zen).


Mark Spybey (Canada / Great Britain)

Mark Spybey is currently working under the monikers of Dead Voices on Air and Propeller. Mark is a former member of the influential British band Zoviet*France and the much-talked about industrial act Download (along with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy). He had also collaborated with many seminal artists and bands such as Jarboe of the Swans, CAN, Not Breathing, James Plotkin, Pigface, the Legendary Pink Dots and for Disques Hushush, Mark he collaborated with Mick Harris and Ambre on the Threesome series.



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