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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wolfsduister - Satanisch Pt.II

And here it is: the second part in the Satanisch project of Holland’s finest ritualistic ambient maestro: Wolfsduister! Will this be the end of this project? Who knows. What’s for sure is that there is more of Erghal’s work to come on Okkulth! When and how? Just you wait and see...

“Erotisch Satanisch Ritueel was created to form the second part of the Satanisch project. Although this track was first created as a pure ambient soundscape, it later was put in a different erotic form to be used on a split with Kristus Kut. However, a more harsh track was created for this split, and Erotisch Satanisch Ritueel was abandoned. But since the track was a very good piece of erotic ritualisation, it was eventually released on 3 inch CDR by Subliminal Recordings, though with another title for the track: Orgie Der Onheiligen. Here, the track is published the way it was meant: as an ambient-only number. Satanisch Pt.II, the ritual of the Satanic Cult!”


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