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Friday, December 31, 2010

Psykick Psyrgery / Worms of the Earth: Abhvan [split channel]

Advaita Audio 2006
AA001 Psykick Psyrgery / Worms of the Earth - Abhvan [split channel]
Encased in metal tin. Produced by Brian Artwick

Split Channel Release (2 artists play simultaneously):

Psykick Psyrgery (Right channel)
Worms of the Earth (Left channel)


R1 Psykick Psyrgery Manvantra-Twilight
L1 Worms Of The Earth Vadavamukha

R2 Psykick Psyrgery Ultima Thule
L2 Worms Of The Earth Nun (Khasma Mega)

R3 Psykick Psyrgery Scylia
L3 Worms Of The Earth Charybdis

R4 Psykick Psyrgery Ddb (Akher)
L4 Worms Of The Earth Akher I (Swallowing The Sun)

R5 Psykick Psyrgery M.N.Z.P.CH. (Aqiva)
L5 Worms Of The Earth Akher II (Expelling The Sun)


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