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Friday, December 31, 2010

9E Phalanx - Silhouette

The xE Phalanx collective mind project strikes again. This time around, the combined forces of 9 iridescent minds have conceived 40 minutes of unique melodic, emotionally charged textures, cunningly derived from a vast range of self-recorded instruments. As usual, the parts flow seamlessly into eachother, co-creating a fascinating electro-acoustic experience through an awe-inspiring spectrum of curious emotions.


00:00 Tirriddiliu (Italy) http://tirriddiliu.net
01:36 Erratic (Belgium) http://www.entity.be/undacova
06:44 Tomoroh Hidari (Austria) http://www.tomoroh.com
10:56 fp (France) http://fabrice.planquette.neuf.fr
15:25 Eliín (Iceland) -no homepage-
19:54 Infra Red Army (Ukraine) -no homepage-
25:04 Chango Feo (USA) http://www.changofeo.net
31:30 Heath Yonaites (USA) http://www.yonaites.com
37:44 C-driík (Belgium) http://www.syrphe.com
40:05 -end-

Infinite thanks go out to all artists involved, and that includes Geoff Lillemon of Oculart (http://oculart.com) fame (who is responsible for the perfect "Silhouette" coverart), i hope you all enjoy the final result!



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