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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flat Affect / Norss - Unto Silence

Cleaving Unto Silence was originally released as a very limited 3 inch CDR on Flat Affect’s own SP label. It’s been sold-out for a while now, but here’s your chance to grab this intriguing piece for naught. And there’s an added bonus: a suitably dark remix by Norss.

Here’s what Flat Affect said about the original release as well as the remix: the audio in this album was recorded, and meant to be played, alone and in the dark of night. Nothing exists in the darkness but the mind and what it creates. Both soothing and unsettling, Cleaving Unto Silence is a guide into the subconscious, evoking calm while exposing disturbing truths. The remix is perfect. It has captured the same aesthetic, and is the ideal second part to this release.

“Musick to play in the dark”


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