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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mystified - MonoDecay

Being a huge Mystified fan, Okkulth requested Thomas to record a longform piece in the vein of Constant or Alien Doppler. What he came up with beggars all belief! A very quiet ambient piece using the sounds of the earth, which were used in his masterful Constant 16 piece as well. To quote the man himself: “Very lo-fi, and kinda mono too. Which is weird for me.” You be the judge!

”MonoDecay is a longform excercise in keyboard sounds. The original keyboard track was modified in different ways and the piece represents the sounds at different points of decay. In the background is an effected track of sferics, the radio waves emitted by earth. MonoDecay is a very quiet track, very minimal, yet less droney than much of Mystified.”


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