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Friday, December 31, 2010

Alrucini-L´ Amour Chasseur

The death of Alrucini.

The first ten tracks were selected from the first ten albums recorded in the year of 2005:
Master Oficium ; Neophyte ; Dominus Liminis ; Ipsissimus ; Magus ; Magister Templi ; Adepto Exemptus ; Dumuzi ; Vide Supra ; Zelator ; All of them partly released on this netlabel and witnesses of the new born pseudonym (Albedo Rubedo Citrinitas Nigredo) that originated the anagram for ALRUCINI.

In that same year "Apocalipse Político" was recorded as a compilation of various artists, not more than seven, time aligned, pseudonyms (2000-2005):
Menstruo Artis ; Ego Cogito ; Umbra ; Necrobisis ; Umbriosie ; Keben ; Apotome ;
Alrucini was the eigth and not the last.

Those were the times of uncontrolled electronic experiments and Alrucini closed his eyes and fall asleep, dreaming freely, to open space for time to develop new directions:
El Teban ; Ombilic ; Bad Slap Org ; Shamahan ; from December of 2005 untill May of 2007, respecting the rhythm of Nature, four pseudonyms revealed the path for the partly awaked Alrucini.

Since then seven albums were recorded:
Low Intensity Operations ; Ak´ot ; AS U.F.O. AT CITIES MEANT RED ; Time Displacement ; Fauda ; Time is a Field ; Beyond Time ; and several cooperations with other musiscians took place:
Digital Sculptured Sounds (Alrucini and Caos); Tontura Rural (PREGUIZZA + ALRUCINI + ENGENHO) ; Alquimia Dub (JahRucini & JahMinson) ; Terra Oca (Caos , Alrucini , Sigil ) ; FP-25co ; The third side of life (Alexander Kibanov / HZ / Alrucini); VII (Alexandro Kibanovsky / Susanne MaCu / Ricardo Alrucini) ; The Divine Huntress (Ricardo Alrucini & Anastasia Vronski)

Now that the dreamer has awaken and there is no space with eyes closed for the seed of all things, the invisible fire, the axis of sensibility, the mirror of Nature as a symbol of art will be the guide for openning the ways of illumination.

Shall the sacrifice begin with the "Oleum Dulce" emanations, the necromancy, the law of love before "Tumulus Meretricis" enter in the Temple of the antichrist, moving forward to "Homilia Origins" where philosophus become strong in war and with the eyes of the night the worshippers on "Embryotectoy" become kings of the Earth when the first part of the process is complete, evolution claims "Diatessaron Delictorum" to open the ways of the Khu for the novus homo, rich fresh blood, that transpires from "Son of Apionem" looking for silver and gold where the "Agent Instinct" only finds antichristos, fallen angels of God and the knowledge of death, seeking for immortality untill "Rhapsodia de Domina Nostra", that means vigour of your arms, is connected with "The Silent Sky" wich means a sword in my hand to achieve the unconscious "Utu Igimuku", a causeless cause of a night-blue sky of strange drugs or the gloomy ways of Zarathustra.
The last track, that which remains the only one recorded using electric instruments and less electronics, is the limitless light, the holy guardian angel: "L´ Amour Chasseur" with its serpent power is calling for the miracle of miracles, ascencion and fall.

A time for the gathering of those in the foundation of the Temple.


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