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Sunday, December 26, 2010

disastrato - Tres Textual

Something entirely novel comes from experimental and conceptual artist disastrato.
"Tres Textual" is a collection of very diverse origins, being improvised, collected and recorded all over Europe over the past 9 years.
The staggering amount of psychological and cultural references in this release truly make it work on a level that you don't normally expect music to work.
In fact, "Tres Textual" is built from a unique informative perspective that doesn't take itself too seriously while presenting its internal message:
experimental music has a plethora of directions waiting to be stumbled upon.

Thanks to Fredo Viola and Prugelknaben. Hello to Frank Zappa, Marcel Duchamp, Vincent Gallo, Nicole Kidman, Selvin, Nehir, some dogs in Treviso, a Dutch man, etc.



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