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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Zieltogend - Aarde

Zieltogend is from the Netherlands. That’s about all we can tell about him, for he wants to keep his identity a secret. The intention of Zieltogend is to create very minimal soundscapes. Droning, ambientesque, or whatever lies in between. Empty is the code-word. The Zieltogend method is simple: remix a track down to its bare-boned, minimal necessity. For this release, he deformed a track by Mystified: Earth from the Treetrunk release Audio Paintings. It’s presented here in two parts. Suffice to say: this is not going to be the last Zieltogend release on Okkulth, cause we absolutely love what is going on here!

“The soil has a sound. Mystical, empty, rumbling and droning, hissing, soothing yet unsettling, minimal down to the
core of the earth.”


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