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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Osoroshisa - Nanseihokuto

Osoroshisa's second release on Petcord, Nanseihokuto (literally southwest northeast, the four wind directions) is meant to celebrate the earth's beauty. But that does not equate to broad daylight and shiny happiness, but the moody shadows that managed to escape the sunbeams instead. Rather slowly the sound evolves around a stretched minor chord, sometimes dissolving at either ends of its spectrum, shrinking and expanding. Eery voices lost in a cavernous space, a cathedral of drones constanly changing its architectural structures as sunlight is refracted in coloured glasses. The music appears as a catalyst for one's own thoughts, where the inscape blends with the music's resonance.

Technically, this album could be classified as somehow drone, but that would omit the constant modulation and movement of aural events. It might as well be classified as not quite dark ambient, in that there is a melancholic mood that never does turn into bleak threatening darkness. Just like a face you've noticed once without remembering its details, the music sounds differently each time you listen to it. There is much to discover and that concentration is moving inwards, rather than following each detail of the sonic event seems a feature and not a limitation. At some point, Nanseihokuto implies a faint hope that somewhere in the infinite flow, there is some kind of rest and warmth. Something as trivial as a hug or a smile.

Olliver Wichmann


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