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Thursday, December 9, 2010

cancro EP

Cancro is isolation, transmutation, the painful invasion of cellular degradation.

The uncertainty and the tension of the maquiavelic and mechanical droning of this EP slowly rots the brain like the unstoppable and violent human demolition that it is.
Close to the musical universe of Steve Roachs The Serpent's Lair second disc (the dark one) minus the percussion, Cancro could be the perfect soundtrack to a John Carpenters movie that does not yet exist, fusing the heavy ambient of "Prince of Darkness" with the dementia of "In the Mouth of Madness".

Divided in 6 pieces with such revealing titles as "One of these days i'll shoot myself in the head and say it's you" (Um dia destes dou um tiro na cabeça e digo que foste tu) or "Dragging a body through the morgue's corridor" (Arrastando um corpo pelo corredor da morgue), Cancro will probably please Sunn o)) fans as well as William Basinski's, particularly the ones who like suffocation and agony soundscapes.
Hugo Filipe Lopes


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