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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mika Björklund - Risen

The album Risen consists a pair of long-form works by Mika Björklund, a young Finnish sound artist who has previously released Nocturne [wh054] on Webbed Hand. This is definitely headphones-in-the-dark music -- real introvert listening. These two tracks begin in a similar manner, but soon diverge and express many different moods and textures.


"The concept is to play with different kinds of ambient music, I've tried to get a feeling of progression from dark to light, past to future and so forth. So there's both dark ambient and ambient. Styles range from ambient chiptune (using only simple waveforms and white noise) to obscure dark ambient. The works used are all mine except one in the end called "Singularity". Singularity is made by finnish underground ambient artist Mecha and is used with his permission. It gets quite dramatic in the middle, but it's more mellow and buoyant in the end."

-- Mika Björklund

Harmaa hiljaisuus

"Harmaa = Grey
hiljaisuus = silence

"The silence in Harmaa hiljaisuus is more about mood than anything else. It's about visual silence and silence of the mind, clarity and calm observation. Silence is a relative rather than an absolute, so it's not so much about actual silence, but rather about silence in metaphorical sense. To me "Harmaa hiljaisuus" is about two things (and I've drawn a lot of the inspiration from these): Urban decay and grey clouds. There are a great number of Urban exploration sites on the net which I have been browsing. Abandoned and forgotten places are usually visually silent, and the beauty found in those places is unconventional - that is also an interesting analogy to ambient music. Those are the moods I've tried to convey here.

"For some reason I find grey clouds very inspiring. Usually grey is seen as a boring and dull color. I don't think so at all."

-- Mika Björklund

01 Risen 00:30:00
02 Harmaa hiljaisuus 00:30:00

Recorded and produced by Mika Björklund
Cover image by Mika Björklund


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