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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heath Yonaites & K.M. Krebs - The Seed Project

Heath Yonaites and K.M. Krebs, both figures who loom large and formidable in the field of imaginative/speculative sound art, have collaborated on an album. Ideal for headphones, or if you are blessed with a really great speaker setup, an environment you could immerse yourself in and swim around.

In this collaboration, each provided the other with the raw materials to mix into finish tracks.

[text below written by Heath Yonaites]

wherever my feet take me, cracks in the earth, cutting through time,
some forgotten objects and foreign scents -- sonic hybrids produced
using clippings from original tracks and samples created by heath

additional sound sources: bagpipes, self-help tape, shortwave radio,
synthesized sounds

tracks composed and mastered by k.m.krebs - 2001

cover image - heath yonaites' cover image processed and combined with
close up images of leaves and bark


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